Daily Archives: August 19, 2014

John Oliver gets the Ferguson disgrace just right. The female Little League pitcher is awesome. And a 99-year-old woman runs a 100-yard dash


I could write a few thousand words on what’s going on in Ferguson, Mo. over the past week, about the police acting like they’re in Baghdad, not St. Louis, about how journalists are being treated (excellent summary of that here, pointing out that if this is how the police are acting when the cameras are on, how horrible are they acting when the red light isn’t on!), and about the complete militarization of local American police forces post-9/11 and how ridiculous that is.

But HBO’s John Oliver says in just a few minutes, way more eloquently and a lot funnier, a lot of the things I would say. So watch this and shake your head like I did at the insanity of what’s going on:

**Next up, amid all the bad news going on this month, it’s wonderful to see a happy, inspirational story like Mo’Ne Davis at the Little League World Series. The 13-year-old female pitcher from Philadelphia has helped her team win two games in Williamsport, and she threw a shutout last Friday night.

She’s only the 6th girl to ever get a hit at the LLWS, and she’s shown herself in interviews to be a humble, sweet kid who’s kind of overwhelmed by all this attention. (Major leaguers like Mike Trout are even shouting her out on Twitter.)

She’s due to pitch again Wednesday night, and I for one will be watching. Check out more from her here.

**Finally, you just don’t see 99-year-old women sprinting too often, much less in a race in the Gay Games competition.

So I feel I must share this.  Great-great grandma Ida Keeling, from New York City (representing!), finished the 100 meter dash in 59.8 seconds, which is damn impressive, in a race last Tuesday.

“I’m running from old age and arthritis,” Ida quipped. “Believe me!”

You go, Ida Keeling. What an awesome woman.