Good News Friday: A wonderful dog rescue story. A football team of tykes takes on a pesky banner (and loses). And the best bank teller in Texas foils a robbery

And a Happy Friday to you! I’m happy because my son is a month old, the NHL season is back, and life is good.

First up today, a very cool and touching video of an animal rescue, where the human rescuers got quite a surprise when they tried to rescue a dog in the woods.
Really sweet stuff. And I’m not even a dog person.

**Next up, you may have seen this video from a few weeks ago that went semi-viral; it’s of a youth football team in Wallkill, N.Y., and their, ahem, mishap with a banner they tried to run through to celebrate a victory.

I laugh every time I see it, but I also loved that Steve Hartman and “CBS Sunday Morning” went to Wallkill to talk to the kids about the adventure for this really cute little piece.
“When you fall, you always have to get back up,” one tyke said.

Seems like he’s learned some good lessons already in his young life.

**Finally, this is good news because this fool in Texas finally got sentenced this week. Nathan Pugh’s crime happened last July, but it’s worth remembering for its hilarity, and the quick-thinking reactions of a bank teller.

Pugh walked into a Wells Fargo branch in Dallas and handed a note to the teller demanding money (the note also spelled the word “bomb” without the second b, so clearly Mr. Pugh was a rocket scientist.)

The bank clerk said that he could withdraw the money, but she needed to see two forms of photo ID first.

Pugh, being a reasonable fellow, complied, showing his Wells Fargo ID card and his Texas state ID card.

Pugh ran off with $800, but somehow, the police caught him.

I love it. I hope that teller got a big raise.


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