More tales from a brand-new father (me). An epic mother-son wedding dance. And sea otters, just hanging out as friends.


I’m now a little more than five weeks into this crazy, wonderful experience called parenthood, and never in my life have I thought the expression “you learn something new every day” more appropriate.

I am very lucky, I tell myself that every day. Lucky to have a wonderful wife, lucky that I have a pretty good sleeping baby, and lucky I’m able to be home with the little guy all day during these first few months.

Still, it continues to be … interesting. Some Daddy thoughts from a guy who still isn’t sure what day it is if it’s not the weekend (they’re all kind of running together):

— I continue to be amazed at the swing in his emotions, and how fast they change. The other night he went from “hysterical crying” to “calm” to “fast asleep” in 10 seconds. Seriously, 10 seconds. Wish adults could chill that fast.

–He peed on his own face while being changed last week. Hard to do. Can’t say that was anything I’d ever seen before. I couldn’t stop laughing and also felt so bad for him at the same time.

— Number of times per night I walk into his room and lean into the crib to see if he’s still breathing: 424. SIDS scares the ever-loving hell out of me.

— Sleeves. Man, sleeves are hard for me. Never thought putting a tiny hand under a shirt and through a sleeve would take 5 minutes. But yep, sometimes it does.

— New Yorkers are not generally known for being nice to strangers. But when you’re wheeling a stroller down the street, suddenly you’re a popular guy. The other day we walked 10 blocks and four different women stopped and cooed over him. I know I have very little to do with his cuteness but I still get a little thrill when people comment on him.

— The pacifier. My God, the awesomeness of the pacifier. I used to think electricity, or television, or air conditioning was the best invention ever. Nope. The pacifier is a life-saver and it could cost $1,000 and I’d still buy one. Instant calming device. Also, the sound of running water chills my boy out immediately. Something to do with reminding him of the womb, I’ve read. I don’t care if it reminded him of a herd of stampeding buffalo, as long as it quiets him.

–We’re in the phase of his life now where my wife has been told to exclusively breast-feed for a while, after we gave him breast milk in a bottle, and directly from her, for the first two weeks of his life. I feel irrelevant and useless at feeding time, and I can’t take over some of the overnight feedings like I had been doing. Just a helpless feeling knowing how much more exhausted your partner is.

— Finally, he got his first shot this week. Hepatitis B. I was worried about it all day, but it turned out fine. Also, he was hysterically crying at the doctor’s office right before the shot, so I don’t even know if he even knew he got it. His mood didn’t improve, but it didn’t worsen!

Small victories. It’s all about small victories.

**Next up, this epic mother-son wedding dance happened last spring, and has been viewed more than 8 million times, but I just saw it Thursday when my sister posted it to Facebook. It gets really good about 20 seconds in; man these two must have practiced a lot to get the timing this perfect. Guaranteed to make you smile.

**And finally, because it’s Friday and we all need cute animals in our lives sometimes, a couple of sea otters, just chillin’ out in the water at the San Diego Zoo, loving life:

Of course, that clip also reminded me of this hilarious Denis Leary clip from the 1990s about “cute animal auditions.”


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