Good News Friday: A tobacco company says no smoking in the office. The iPod turns 13. And Dwyane Wade goes 1-on-1 with a 90-year-old

And a Happy Friday to you, as we close in on Halloween I’m trying to decide if my son, not even two months old, is too young to celebrate. The boy has no teeth yet, how can he eat candy, right? Course, his mother and grandmother have already been in cahoots and made him a little costume, so I’m losing this battle.

Anyway, first story in GNF this week might not seem like a big story, but it struck me as wonderful and fairly amazing.

R.J. Reynolds, the second-largest cigarette company in the world, has announced a ban on smoking in their offices.

That’s right: A company who makes billions of dollars every year selling cancer in a stick to the American public is telling its employees that it can’t use their product at work.

I mean, this is incredible news, don’t get me wrong: But can you imagine Smith and Wesson telling their workers they can’t carry a gun at work? Or Coca-Cola saying no sodas at your desk? R.J. Reynolds is admitting its product is gross and they don’t want their employees subjected to it during work hours.

How much more evidence do we need that selling cigarettes is a disgusting, dirty, unethical thing to do, and that it kills millions every year, when the company that makes and sells them is telling its own people “Eh, don’t do this around the office, OK?”

Until I take my last breath, it will confound me how cigarettes are legal in America but marijuana is criminalized.

**Next up, a really cool gesture by Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade, who’s got to be awfully lonely in South Beach these days with his buddy LeBron all the way up in Cleveland.

A Florida woman named Illuminada Magtoto said her biggest wish on her 90th birthday would be to play 1-on-1 against Wade.
And so she did. Wade was generous and sweet with her, and clearly made Illuminada’s year.
Very, very cool gesture.


**And finally, let us all celebrate the 13th birthday of a product that has truly changed the world: Yep, on Oct. 23, 2001 Apple announced the introduction of a device that stores and plays your music. They called it the iPod, and this is how it was hyped in an Associated Press story:

“Apple Computer Inc. unveiled a portable digital musical device that is the size of a deck of cards, but holds 1,000 digitally recorded songs.”

Yeah, that’s a bit of an understatement in hindsight, huh? Completely revolutionized the music biz, opened up new music to so many listeners, and gave people like me something to listen to on the subway, while exercising, and anytime else. (Sure, we used to talk to each other before but who needs that?)

Got a kick out of the old photo of the original iPod (above), man was that thing huge…



4 responses to “Good News Friday: A tobacco company says no smoking in the office. The iPod turns 13. And Dwyane Wade goes 1-on-1 with a 90-year-old

  1. So do you think R.J. Reynolds gives their employees a better rate on medical or life insurance if they are non-smokers?.

  2. The ipod isn’t for exercising, as my pile of dead iPods would illustrate. They’re great otherwise. But for exercise … expensive junk. 😦

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