Good News Friday: A man gives back to his college in a major way. Mike Tyson does a cartoon and it looks awesome. And the car that can help you survive a heart attack

Happy Halloween, happy Friday, happy end of October, Happy end of Daylight Savings Time, meaning sleep-deprived parents like me get an extra hour of sleep (yay!)

Just, you know … happy.
Two quick sports-related things I wanted to mention before getting into the guts of Good News Friday today: One, LeBron James returned to Cleveland as a Cav Thursday night, and it was electric, and Nike of course put out this incredible, chilling commercial to celebrate his return. Really beautifully done.

And two, Roger Angell writing about the legend that is Madison Bumgarner of the world champion San Francisco Giants. Best writing about best.

OK, we start Good News Friday with a fabulous, heartwarming tale. Howard Lutnick graduated from Haverford College, a small school in Pennsylvania. When Lutnick was a high school junior, his Mom died of cancer. Just a week into his freshman year at Haverford, his father passed away.
Right afterwards, Lutnick got a call from the school president.
“Howard,” he said, “your four years here are free.”

That was 35 years ago. Last week, Lutnick, now a wealthy head of a financial firm (Cantor Fitzgerald) that saw nearly all of its employees die on 9/11, donated $25 million to the school, the institution’s largest gift ever.

“Haverford was there for me,” Lutnick said, “and taught me what it meant to be a human being.”

Just beautiful.

**Next up, longtime readers of my blog know I’m fascinated by Mike Tyson, and the weirdness and awesomeness that is his post-boxing life. I saw him on “The View” the other day (hey, I was waiting for Barry Manilow to come on, don’t judge) talking about his new adult superhero cartoon called “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and so I went to check it out on YouTube. (sneak peek is above)

It’s freaking awesome, and it started last Monday night on the Cartoon Network. I’m definitely finding time to watch.


**And finally, some good news from the world of cars. Ford has developed a super-amazing car seat that can detect if the driver is having a heart attack.
When the heart attack is detected, automated braking and steering systems can be activated to make the vehicle stop.

How is this possible?, you ask.

Ford has developed a car seat that can detect if a driver is having a heart attack. If such a condition is detected, automated braking and steering systems can be activated to stop the vehicle.

According to this story from the American Auto Council, “the technology would use a camera in the car to detect when a driver slumps and “electrocardiograph” (heart-monitoring) sensors to detect a heartbeat that is irregular. The sensors would be in the seat. If a problem is detected, the vehicle would bring itself to a stop. Emergency services would then be contacted.”

That’s pretty amazing. Thousands of car accidents could be stopped each year with this car seat.
We’re getting closer and closer to driver-less cars, at which point when someone cuts you off in your lane and you go to flip them off, you’re basically giving the finger to a machine.



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