A wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and another “Grown-up” moment for me. A way-cool slo-motion puppy video. And the Giants are just as putrid as my Jets


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving weekend. It was a different one for me in many ways; obviously it was my first as a father, and thus I had even more reasons to be thankful.

But it was an unusual Turkey Day for my family, and it led, two days later, to what I like to call one of those “grown-up moments” for me.

For reasons that are too complicated and boring to go into here, my extended family wasn’t all together like always at my Aunt Linda’s hosue on Thanksgiving; half of us were there, and the other half of us were at my Mom’s. Mom did an outstanding job, and the food was great and it was a terrific time, but it felt … different.
A few weeks ago, when we realized we wouldn’t all be together, and knowing that half the family still hadn’t met our three-month-old son,  my wife and I decided to host a gathering of the whole family on the Saturday after T’giving.

Which sounded like a good idea at the time, but as I soon learned, hosting 18 people in a 2-bedroom apartment, serving lunch, making sure everyone’s got something to drink, is a hell of a lot more work than I realized. It was my first time really “hosting” relatives, and it turned out great. I looked around the room at one point and had one of those “When did I get to be the grown-up, hosting the whole family?” kind of moments, since sometimes it feels like just a few weeks ago I was a gawky kid with braces going out for the junior high tennis team (I made it, if you’re scoring at home).

All my life I’ve been going to other people’s houses for stuff like this, but now I’ve got a great wife, a great place to live, and a beautiful, happy boy. I felt doubly, triply blessed this year.

**Next up today, not sure if this is an ad promoting puppies, or slo-motion, or puppies shaking in slow motion. But it was striking and cool so I wanted to share. It’s called “Shake Puppies” and it was directed by Carli Davidson. Very cool…


**Finally, some NFL thoughts after a not a whole lot of drama on a weekend full of blowouts…

— I don’t think in my lifetime the Jets and Giants have both been this god-awful in the same season. In 1995 they combined for eight total wins, and in 1976 they each won three games, so this season, when they’ve combined for 5, ranks up there among the most putrid.

I mean, Sunday had to be as low as the Giants can get, right? Up 21-0 over a horrendous one-win Jacksonville team, the Giants lost, 25-24 on a last-minute field goal by the Jags.
2014 has been one awful sports year in New York; save for the Rangers making the Cup finals, and the surprising Islanders off to a great start, everyone else has been miserable.

— Break up the NFC South! The most painful division since “long” (at least it was painful to me) saw its top two “leaders” the 4-7 Falcons and 4-7 Saints, both win on Sunday. Yeah, we all saw New Orleans on the road beating the tar out of the Steelers.

— Johnny Football is alive! My adopted team, the Browns, finally turned to the gunslinger from Texas Sunday late in their loss to the Bills, and he led ’em to a touchdown. I still think Brian Hoyer should get one more game, but Manziel does make things exciting.

— I only saw parts of it, but great game between the Pats and Packers Sunday. Green Bay’s gonna be one hell of a tough out in the playoffs.

— Finally, saw rumors that Jets are in the running to get Jim Harbaugh as coach next year. My two-word response?
Yes, please.


One response to “A wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, and another “Grown-up” moment for me. A way-cool slo-motion puppy video. And the Giants are just as putrid as my Jets

  1. Packers-Pats were good. That was some terrible defense at the end of the first half allowing the Pack to score. That was a real game changer. The other bad defensive play was letting Rodgers scramble for 17 yards.

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