Some more fatherhood thoughts as my kid turns 3 months old. A toddler is totally confused by twins. And a man saved from drowning officiates his rescuer’s wedding


And a Happy Friday to all of you out there; it’s been a pretty terrible week, world news-wise, but a great week for me, since I am now, officially, a stay-at-home dad.
The wife went back to work late last week after her maternity leave ended, which meant that I am now in full Mr. Mom mode, working as a freelance writer from our NYC apartment and in complete charge of our adorable 3-month old son (the grandparents have been visiting a lot and helping big-time).

It’s a little scary but mostly thrilling. Man, this parenting thing is a trip. Some more dispatches from my continuing adventures in Daddy-hood:

— This kid loves being held, but it’s only his second favorite thing. His most favorite thing is being changed.
Boy does he love being changed. Like, before I even get the diaper off he’s smiling and laughing, because he knows he’s getting wiped and cleaned and having A+D ointment slathered over his tushy.
Seriously, this is his favorite time of the day (or, you know, favorite 9-10 times per day, as it were).

Problem is, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by sitting in poop. If I don’t notice the smell or “hear” it, he’ll just sit or lie down with a poopy diaper for as long as it takes for his parents to notice.
I don’t think this bodes well for future potty training.

— He’s getting real, real close to being able to roll over. Like, he leans one way and sorta rocks. Once he’s able to roll over, all bets are off, I gotta watch him like a hawk.

— I used to have 1980s songs in my head, or commercial jingles. Now, all the time, it’s the freaking songs that come out of his playmat, or his vibrating swing. Middle of the night, I wake up and that’s what I hear. It’s a constant soundtrack that doesn’t shut off.
Parents, does it ever go away? Please make “Alouetta” stop! Tonight I’ve got a song called “Alice the Camel” in my brain. (It’s actually a pretty funny tune).

— So I’ve been alone with the kid for 8 days now and have managed to take a shower on five of those days. Pretty good percentage?

— Crazy to see him already outgrowing some of his clothes. Like, every day, I can watch him get bigger. Of all the joys of being with him every day, that might be the best.
Or his new giggle when I do something silly.
Poor kid, he has no frame of reference; he thinks Daddy is the funniest person in the whole world. Wait till he hears about Jerry Seinfeld or Chris Rock; then, I’m toast.

**Next up, this made me laugh: A toddler meets twins for the first time and is totally confused having two identical people sitting next to him.
Hey, I feel your pain, kid. We’re all confused by twins.


**And finally, a wonderful story to take into the weekend. Mike Wise is a columnist at The Washington Post, and six years ago he chased after his dog until both fell through the ice in a local canal.

Freezing and calling out for help, Wise was rescued by a jogger named Jason Coates, wbo pulled both man and dog out of the water, saving their lives.

Six years later, Wise officiated at Jason’s wedding, and last week wrote about this unlikely and incredible friendship journey he’s been on.

Really a warm, sweet piece that will make you smile.


4 responses to “Some more fatherhood thoughts as my kid turns 3 months old. A toddler is totally confused by twins. And a man saved from drowning officiates his rescuer’s wedding

  1. You are such a great dad, your little man is so lucky to have you and your wife as his parents…..Michael, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you and your family…don’t tell anyone, but you were always my favorite writer at the Star-News and seeing you come into your own has been a privilege and gives me hope for mankind if there are people like you in the world…..

  2. Remember, you’re not Mr. Mom. You’re Mr. Dad.

  3. Maybe you were the one that posted it or I even sent it to you. This father took movies of his daughter every week until I believe she was 14. Something you should think of doing with your son.

  4. My wife and I are expecting twins on our son’s first birthday. We’re pretty much expecting that exact reaction, from both him and me.

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