Good News Friday: The Winter Classic hockey game a great start to 2015. Parenting tips that are actually brilliant. And a little taste of “The Wire.”


And a Happy 2015 to you!  Thanks for coming to see this blog again in 2015, I truly I appreciate your readership and support.

Hope your New Year’s celebration was fun, and safe. We Lewises had a very low-key night, thanks to the new baby and all, plus the wife has been sick and coughing all week. Still, it was fun watching an old movie favorite (“You’ve Got Mail,” which I know will be mocked by some but we like it), then turning on CNN to see Kathy Griffin hilariously, as always, embarrassing the hell out of Anderson Cooper. Sadly, it’s the only time I think I turned on CNN in 2014.)

And oh yeah, R.I.P., Mario Cuomo. As gifted a public speaker as has ever been in politics. Watch this if you don’t believe me.

Used to be, Jan. 1 meant only college football bowl games, and I’ll admit, this year gave us a bunch of great ones (Michigan State erasing a 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter to beat Baylor was sensational, and Oregon laying the smackdown on Florida State was delightful to see. Jameis Winston and Co. deserve to be humbled a bit, don’t you think?)

But since 2009 the NHL has made Jan. 1 must-see hockey, and once again the Winter Classic delivered the goods Thursday.
No, we didn’t get snow like we did that first year, but it was still a hell of a hockey game between the Blackhawks and Capitals. Good action, lots of chances, great job by NBC with that only-works-in-outdoor-games overhead camera angles, and a dramatic finish with the Caps scoring the game-winner with 12 seconds left. (As a Rangers fan, I didn’t like the ending, but hey, it’s just one game).

The NHL has done a great job moving the game around to different and unique venues; some cool ones in the future would be Ohio State’s football stadium (Columbus Blue Jackets would host, but NHL won’t do it because Columbus isn’t a big market) or Denver’s Invesco FIeld (hockey outdoors at high altitude would be fun.)


Next up, this is pretty ingenious if you’re a parent: The website has come up with a story called “27 Parenting Hacks that will make you feel like you have everything under control.” It’s filled with great tips like the one in the photo above, which instructs to put a fitted sheet over a Pack and Play so your baby can stay cool outdoors without getting eaten alive by bugs.
I also love “instead of having to cut each piece of food into tiny bites with a knife, use a pizza cutter” and “use a disposable coffee lid to keep popsicles from turning into a huge mess.”

Seriously, a lot of these tips are fabulous; check them all out here.

**Finally, a little video from “The Wire” that always makes me smile, because it’s the best show ever on television, because HBO has been running the whole series from beginning to end the last few days and of course I had to DVR a couple, and because if you resolve to watch only one thing on 2015 that you’ve never watched, I implore you to make it “The Wire.”

This video definitely not safe for work, but it’s fantastic (my favorite quote is from Daniels at :52.)


One response to “Good News Friday: The Winter Classic hockey game a great start to 2015. Parenting tips that are actually brilliant. And a little taste of “The Wire.”

  1. I wasn’t too thrilled about the outcome of the game either. Hawks had plenty of chances including that 5 on 3 chance. Looked like a pretty tacky call on Towes. Can’t let them score with 12 seconds left. As it was they would have gone to overtime with a penalty for slashing.

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