A heartwarming story of an inner-city school and the “Humans of New York” guy. Fallon and The Roots score again. And “Goodnight Moon,” hilariously deconstructed


Still buzzing, like everyone else, over the news that Harper Lee wrote a sequel to “To Kill A Mockingbird” 50 years ago and it’s going to be released this summer.
Totally torn about it: Thrilled to read something else by the author of one of my all-time favorite books, but scared it won’t be good and partially ruin the original.

Here’s a dirty little secret of the newspaper world: Most of the best stories in the paper every day aren’t on Page One.

They’re often buried inside, because of a variety of reasons, but every so often you can find a treasure if you look hard enough.

In Sunday’s New York Times, on Page 2 of the Metro section (which I never used to read when I didn’t live in NYC but now read religiously), I read a story about a wonderful school in Brooklyn called Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a school with a ton of low-income students who come from nearby and have very little given to them.
The principal there, Nadia Lopez, is an incredible woman who inspires, pushes and demands excellence from her students.
Anyway, last month a student from the school ran into Brandon Stanton, who photographs the wildly popular blog and book “Humans of New York.”

One thing led to another, and Stanton soon helped raise $100,000 to allow Lopez to take her whole school to visit Harvard University. Then $1 million was raised, and donations keep pouring into the school, and it’s just wonderful.

“For me, it just goes to show the spirit of humanity,” Lopez said. “People are literally investing and giving back to these scholars.”

If you read one thing today, make it this little story, buried in the Metro section. It’s just a treasure.

**Next up, I didn’t see this until Monday but Jimmy Fallon, who I have to admit hasn’t had too many “viral” clips that have interested me in recent months, knocked it out of the park on his post-Super Bowl show.

First, he, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart did a really funny “lip synch-off” with a special appearance by Drew Barrymore.
But what really was awesome was this a capella version of “We Are the Champions,” featuring Fallon and The Roots, in a “Brady Bunch”-style layout.

Very, very cool. By the way, between this and the Snickers commercial, that’s TWO “Brady Bunch” mentions on Super Bowl Sunday, 2015. Who the hell ever thought that could happen?


**Finally today, maybe this will appeal to my fellow parents of infants more than most of the rest of you, but then again, any parent will find it hilarious.

The classic children’s story “Goodnight Moon” is a classic for a reason: It’s fantastic, and simple, and timeless.

But the blog theuglyvolvo.com decided to take a little “reality” test with the story, and the results are really funny. I mean come on, they’re right, what kid has a bedroom that huge?

Really funny stuff, go ahead and read the dissection, but you may never look at “Goodnight Moon” again.


3 responses to “A heartwarming story of an inner-city school and the “Humans of New York” guy. Fallon and The Roots score again. And “Goodnight Moon,” hilariously deconstructed

  1. Maybe I read this wrong about the new Harper Lee novel. I have read several different articles. But the first one that I read said that this new book was written before To Kill a Mockingbird. She has written both but was convinced to publish to Kill A Mockingbird. As usual whenever I am wrong I blame it on old age. Some one suggested Tommy Lee Jones should play Atticus Finch

  2. There is nothing like Jimmy Fallon and Will Farrell let alone putting them together! Love it!

  3. Goodnight Moon, a must read in both versions.

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