Good News Friday: The longest hockey game ever raises millions for charity. Kenny G and Warren G duet on Kimmel? Sure! And a Lauren Hill update, she’s still alive and fighting cancer.

And a Happy Friday to you all, it’s almost March which means two incredibly exciting things in my world: 1, March Madness is almost here (yay!), and 2, winter is almost over.

Three more stories/videos to brighten your world today, whereever you are:

First, remember the incredible story of Lauren Hill, the women’s college basketball player at Mount St. Joseph’s (Ohio) University? As a high school senior last year she was diagnosed with a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG, which is a rare tumor that destroys brain cells and squeezes off vital functions.

It is inoperable, there is no known cure, and doctors told Hill last summer that she likely only had months to live.

To help Lauren live out her dream of playing college hoops at least once, Mount St. Josephs and the NCAA allowed the team’s season opener to be moved up to November 2, and the video of Lauren scoring a layup is enough to bring tears to the eyes of the most hardened cynics.

After that wonderful moment, it seemed likely that tragically the next time we’d hear about Lauren is when she passed away.
But here we are in late February and there Lauren was Tuesday night, celebrating the season-ending banquet with the team, and despite, as this news story says, “her face bloated due to steroid treatments and barely able to hold her head up,” she signed autographs and jerseys. (The part with Lauren’s interview starts around 2:15).

What an incredibly brave, wonderful woman. Of course this story will end in tragedy, but how wonderful and uplifting that she’s still fighting, still inspiring, long after medical science believed she could.

**Next up, Jimmy Kimmel puts together wildly different musicians to perform one of their hit songs on “Mashup Mondays,” and this past Monday night was awesome.

Hat tip to my friend Scott for pointing me to this; Warren G and Kenny G (yes, that Kenny G, the saxophone dude) singing the Warren G and Nate Dogg classic “Regulate.”

I mean, do you think these two G’s have ever been in the same room before this? They’re not even in the same musical universe.
And yet, the song still works.


**Finally today, the longest hockey game ever played happened last week, and it wasn’t the Stanley Cup playoffs or a college game.

No, the longest game ever played lasted 246 consecutive hours, was played in Alberta, Canada, and raised money for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Two hundred and forty-six hours of hockey. That’s incredible. That’s more than 10 days’ worth of the greatest sport on ice. You know how many line changes that is, how many icings? How many offsides? Man.

As of early Monday afternoon organizers said $800,000 had been raised. The goal for the charity event is $1 million.

Can’t think of a more fun way to raise money for charity than playing hockey forever.



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