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Minor league baseball food looks awesome this year. Hillary Clinton once again can’t get out of her own way. And Revis returns + Rangers win: A pretty damn good Tuesday


Ah, so much news today, so little time with a 6-month old who has lately refused to nap (seriously, it’s like a form of civil disobedience with this kid)… no time to fully get into the rest of the insane NFL day (Jimmy Graham traded to Seattle? Yeah, because that team needs help), the fast expulsion and national humiliation of those racist Oklahoma frat boys (hey kids, wanna avoid being a national joke? Don’t be a racist), and the GOP letter-to-Iran-insanity (it is seriously hard to believe how much the GOP Senate is trying to fuck up foreign policy; I mean, Obama is still the President, right? I didn’t miss a coup or something? Can you imagine if the Dems wrote a letter to Iraq in the early 2000s opposing Bush’s plans? The mind boggles, it really does.)

I really can’t wait to see what the GOP Congress does next. Can they bring back the Obama birth certificate controversy?

So the weather is finally warming up here in the Northeast, and I can almost envision spring coming soon.

Which of course means baseball, and specifically, minor league baseball, and more specifically, the time of year when minor league teams introduce their awesome new gastronomic creations for their concession stands.

I write about minor league baseball food once in a while because I find it hilarious what people will eat if you cook it at a sporting event; for some reason all rules of stomach and mouth ingestion go out the window when there’s a game going on.

My favorite new food of 2015 (and it’s early yet, still plenty of time for other contestants) comes from the Wisconsin Timbers, a Class A team. In addition to unveiling a grilled cheese bacon cheeseburger, they’re rolling out in 2015 a funnel cake bacon cheeseburger (above). (The grilled cheese bacon cheeseburger can be found here).

No word yet if buying the funnel cake bacon cheeseburger comes with a free appointment to a cardiologist, or at least a free ride in an ambulance while you have your heart attack.

Not to be outdone, at Indiana University baseball games this spring one could buy a Triple Play Burger, which is 3 burgers, 3 slices of cheddar cheese, and nine (NINE?) slices of bacon.

That is altogether completely disgusting and totally awesome.


**Next up, Hillary.
Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. It comes as no secret to my friends and family that I don’t trust Hillary Clinton, I don’t want to be forced into voting for her for President, and I believe she and her husband are as slimy political animals as we have.
And before you say it, it has nothing to do with her being a woman. I don’t want her as President because I think she makes up her own version of the truth sometimes, mostly when she’s running for office.

With an overwhelming lead over any possible Democratic opponent in 2016, with as huge an air of inevitability about the nomination as any politician in my lifetime, she is still managing to create landmines for herself, while being awfully “creative” with her maneuvering.

I watched a little bit of her press conference Tuesday over “EmailGate,” and read what she said in the rest. The idea that “she didn’t want to carry two devices” is ridiculous, and is well-deconstructed by the excellent writer, and my friend, Pierre Tristam here. As always with the Clintons, the truth is elastic, and hard to pin down.
Hillary dodges, she obfuscates, and she leaves you feeling like you’re never getting the whole story.
I know she’s going to get the Democratic nomination, and I know I’m going to vote for her over whatever GOP candidate survives their primary bloodbath.

But I shall do it begrudgingly, with my nose held. I saw the campaign she ran in ’08, and what she’s already started doing now.
And I just do not trust her.


**Finally, couple quick thoughts on some huge New York sports news Tuesday: The Rangers beat the Islanders in maybe their last battle ever at Nassau Coliseum, which made me happy, and my beloved New York Jets did the impossible: they stole Darrelle Revis back, using a shitload of money to do it.

My take on Revis: The Jets had to overpay do it, because their secondary was historically awful last year. Revis may be the best defensive player the Jets have ever had.
Also, Revis is an enormously greedy individual who I don’t blame one bit for it, since NFL careers are so short and you’ve got to earn what you can, although I guess now Darrelle will conveniently “forget” about all those nasty things he said about the Jets and owner Woody Johnson last year.

And finally, every Jet fan is happy he’s not in New England. But the Jets still don’t have a QB, so, you know, there’s that.