The “Hillary 2016” coronation begins, and I’m wary. An 11-year-old autistic boy draws a map of the world from memory. And the shocking police lapses that led to Darren Sharper’s rape spree

And so it begins, officially.

The long-expected and long-talked-about beginning of the Hillary Clinton Democratic coronation kicked off Sunday, as the candidate rolled out a sharp new video showing her ready to get to work, talking to Americans about their problems, and showing off her new ideas. She’s fresh, she’s new, she’s humble! (Kate McKinnon is going to have a field day doing “SNL” skits like the one above, by the way).

And I don’t trust her. Not at all.

Let me get this out of the way, first: I will vote for Hillary Clinton for President if she’s the Democratic nominee. I think she’s oodles more qualified than any of the GOP candidates, her ideas are better, and while I think while she’s way too “centrist” a Democrat for liberals like me, she’d be a decent President.

But I don’t trust her. I’ve watched her like all of you have for decades now, and I’ve found her to be slippery, and calculating beyond any and all reason, conveniently forgetful of things when she needs to be, and talking out of both sides of her mouth way too often. (I know, I know, all politicians are like that. But this woman has made a science out of it.)

Her behavior and actions toward Barack Obama, and those of her husband, in the 2008 primaries was deplorable at times, in instances way too numerous to recount. She was a terrible candidate, blowing an enormous early lead and other huge advantages in that race. I think her naked ambition for power, at the cost of any sort of real “beliefs” is not something that should be rewarded.

I am deeply disappointed that every other prominent Democrat seems to be afraid to challenge her on, well, anything, and are basically giving her this nomination without any sort of a fight. (The great Charlie Pierce wrote this terrific Esquire article last fall about the dangers of coronation in politics.)

I dearly wish Martin O’Malley, or Joe Biden, or anyone else would challenge her and make this a real contest in 2016. But she has so skillfully scared off all other contenders with her huge financial advantage and retaining top strategists from the party to work for, that I doubt we’ll see a real challenge. Fresh blood is needed in the Democratic Party; Obama was one transformational figure, but we need more.

The Presidency shouldn’t be handed to anyone this easily.

I know it’s difficult, but I really am going to try to look at “Hillary 2016” with fresh eyes. I’m anxious to see if she’s learned anything about how to run a campaign since her defeat eight years ago. I want to see if she’s changed, if she actually can be more genuine in her words and actions.

I’m out here, a Democrat hoping for the best. Hoping we get a nominee we can be proud of.

Convince me, Hillary. Convince me you’re the best choice, not just the only one.


**Next up, this is kind of amazing. An 11-year-old autistic New York boy who has not been identified by name has drawn a map of the world strictly from memory.

The boy, the son of a professor, surprised his parent’s class when he stepped up to the whiteboard and recreated an intricate map, according to a Reddit user, who posted the now-viral picture  (above) five days ago.

The drawing includes islands so small, they appear as no more than dots on the board. The photo has been transmitted around the world.

Pretty incredible. I hope the kid gets identified soon so he can get the recognition he richly deserves. It’s amazing what the human brain can do.


**Finally today, I read this really important and disturbing story last week from Sports Illustrated, The New Orleans Advocate and investigate journalism non-profit ProPublica about Darren Sharper, the former NFL star who recently pleaded guilty to committing a string of rapes.

The story details the many, many missed clues and lack of information sharing that resulted in Sharper being allowed to continue drugging and sexually assaulting women in multiple states over a period of years.

It’s a story pretty horrifying in its details, showing that Sharper could’ve been, and should’ve been stopped. It’s a long piece but well worth reading. Check it out here. 


One response to “The “Hillary 2016” coronation begins, and I’m wary. An 11-year-old autistic boy draws a map of the world from memory. And the shocking police lapses that led to Darren Sharper’s rape spree

  1. I agree with you about Hillary. She pretty much sides with business interests. I know a lot of people like Warren but I think she would serve the country much better staying in the Senate. I first heard her on Fresh Air when she was still a professor at Harvard. I have been reading a book called the Nine by Jeffrey Toobin. It is about the Supreme Court. It would be quite worrisome if a Republican got in. Bad enough that Bush totally screwed up the so called war on terror, but he made the court pretty bad by putting in Alito and Roberts.

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