A husband in China goes way above and beyond the call of duty. Stories from the kids who survived Oklahoma City bombing. And a quick rant about flashing highway billboards


All kinds of weird and wonderful and terrible sports news over the weekend; still trying to process why the Eagles signed Tim Tebow, how the horrendously unworthy of luck Edmonton Oilers managed to win yet another NHL draft lottery and thus get the once-in-a-generation talent Connor McDavid in this year’s draft, and how I’m not at all surprised at the behavior of Islanders fans on Sunday at Nassau Coliseum.

But we begin today’s post with a pretty remarkable act of spousal support from a husband in China.

A 27-year-old soldier in the Chinese army named Yin Yunfeng is stationed in Tibet, and only gets to see his wife, Zhao Mai, about once a year.

Apparently on a recent visit Yin was distressed to see that Zhao was so busy she rarely had time to cook herself dinner.

So Yin decided to solve that problem. He cooked 12 months’ worth of meals for Zhao, so she’d have something to eat every day while he was gone.

According to this story, Yin Yunfeng’s cooking marathon included more than 1,000 dumplings, 150 liters of his wife’s favourite noodle soup and dozens of other hearty meals all individually packaged, which he then stashed in their freezer and the freezers of nearby friends and family.

Explaining his epic effort in a note, Yin Yunfeng wrote: ‘You’re so focused on your work and have so much to read when you get home that I want to make life easier for you.’

Wow. And here I am, feeling all proud of myself for going out to get my wife coffee and an egg sandwich on Saturday mornings.

Yin Yunfeng, you have shamed all the husbands in the world. Damn you! But seriously, that’s incredible.


**Next up today, this is just fabulous story-telling, and devastating yet uplifting to hear.
Sunday was the 20th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, a day I remember as clear as day, as I’m sure you do, too.

National Public Radio marked the occasion by interviewing kids who survived the blast at the Alfred Murrah building, and what they remember, and how they feel about having the most significant moment of their lives happen when they’re barely out of diapers.

Incredible stuff.


**Finally today, allow me a quick rant about something really stupid and idiotic that occurred to me Sunday night. My wife and 7-month-old son and I were coming back from a fabulous weekend trip to see relatives in Maryland, and I was in a pretty good mood as we rolled off the Jersey Turnpike toward the Lincoln Tunnel because we’d hit remarkably little traffic on the way home.

And as I’m steering, I’m suddenly half-blinded by two enormous, flashing neon-lit billboards in my face as I’m driving toward the tunnel. I mean, huge, flashing billboards that could not be ignored.

And I’m thinking, drivers don’t have enough distractions? Texting, other drivers, the radio, kids in the backseat yelling, etc., that we really need flashing, sun-bright billboards hanging over highways? I mean, this is legal to do this?

Just saying, you want me to recognize your product or brand, don’t blind me heading into a curve.

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