Some new thoughts from the stay-at-home Daddy Chronicles, featuring a new cage (I mean playpen) for the little guy. Students honoring teachers in a great video. And a father’s beautiful speech to his daughter’s husband


And a Happy Friday to you and yours, I’m still on Cloud 11 after the Rangers’ thrilling win Wednesday night; that was not good for my heart, but great for my soul.

Wanted to start today with another installment of the Daddy Chronicles, my occasional series on my life as a stay-at-home Dad. Been a couple months since I wrote one of these, but lots of changes have been going on in his little 8-month-old life…

— First of all, as you can see by the above photo, we’ve boxed the little fella in. Yep, we put him in a cage. A prison. An isolation chamber. Whatever you want to call it. Why? Because I always wanted to hear a baby chant “Attica, Attica!“)

No, we did it because he’s crawling all over the place now, has been for a few weeks, and I can’t literally watch him every single second, and he was starting to crawl near wine bottles (he always went for the good stuff, a sign of intelligence, I believe) and my home computer with its oh-so-appealing wires. So we went on Amazon, bought this colorful barrier, and so far so good. He doesn’t seem to mind being confined, has plenty of toys to keep him busy, and now I can shower or do an interview and not worry so much.
Plus, all those colors do brighten up the apartment.

— Solid foods are a big hit so far; the little guy has enjoyed everything except for winter squash (his look of disgust while eating it sent the grandparents into hysterics) and the new Stage 2 green beans/peas/corn mix, which is odd because he liked each of those things individually.

On the downside… yeah, the smells have gotten exponentially worse coming out of his rear end. Everyone told me this would happen, and still, until it does your nose is never quite prepared. Wow.

— Since he turned six months old I’ve started a couple of structured activities with him; we take swim class once a week and music class once a week. I’m not expecting him to turn into Mozart or Ryan Lochte here, but so far so good. After an initial fear of going underwater (he came up the first time wildly looking around like “What the hell was that, Daddy??”) he seems to really like the pool, and is getting more and more used to it.

Music class is mostly for my benefit so far (getting him out of the apartment for a couple hours), but he’s getting exposure to live instruments being played and loves touching the shiny things in the room. Plus, it’s socializing him a little bit; with no day-care for him he doesn’t get a lot of exposure to other babies, so this helps. Big surprise; he smiles at all the pretty Moms and nannies. My boy is a flirt of the highest order.

— Finally, this hit me the other day: In a few more weeks he’ll have been “on the outside” as long as he was in my wife’s stomach. Blows. My. Mind. Time’s not just flying, it’s going 88 in a DeLorean.

**Next up today, any video that pays tribute to America’s hard-working and seriously under-appreciated teachers is bound to catch my attention. The group Soul Pancake put out this video which is actually two years old, but still perfect: It’s former students paying tribute to the teacher who inspired them.

I love it… amazing what an impact a great teacher can have on a life.

**Finally today, this is pretty fantastic, and deserves to go viral. It’s a video of a father doing a rare thing at a wedding: Giving a speech to the groom while they’re up at the altar during the service, not at the reception.

This dad, whose name isn’t on the video, gives his future son-in-law Phillip a little talking-to, in a loving, oh-so-sweet tribute to the woman Philip’s about to marry. It’s about love and Jesus and how much the father loves his daughter… yeah, I cried at the end (and I’m Jewish, that’s how good it is 🙂



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