My first Father’s Day as a dad was fantastic. “Inside Out” is as wonderful as everyone says. And Jon Stewart on Charleston, so good


This year was the first time ever that I received gifts on Father’s Day.

So that was cool. But of course this Father’s Day was so much more than getting cool stuff from my family (I scored a much-desired “Los Pollos Hermanos” shirt from my sister and brother-in-law, and some great matching shirts/onesies combos from my wife for me and our son, including the totally awesome “Control-C” shirt for me and “Control-V” onesie for him (if you don’t get it, think about the keyboard shortcuts you use regularly.)

Ever since my son was born last September, there have been different milestones that have crept up on me. Much more meaningful than just holidays or “month birthdays” for him, they’ve usually been stuff like “first time on a subway with him” or “first time alone in the swimming pool,” kind of stuff. Holidays are great, of course, and his first Thanksgiving and Passover and all that were memorable.

But Sunday was really special for me, maybe the last big milestone of his first year until the actual birthday. My whole life I’ve been surrounded by wonderful fathers and role models, from my own, to my stepfather, my father-in-law, and all the other positive male role models I’ve had in my life.

I’m talking about childhood friends who’ve grown up to be fantastic dads, college buddies who are all grown up and have families of their own; great bosses and colleagues I’ve met in the journalism world who along the way showed me with their example how great fatherhood can be.

After 39 years, I’m finally getting my chance to see if I can live up to all the wonderful Dads I’ve seen all these years. It’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also exhilarating.

Sunday, surrounded by family, I really felt a part of the “Dad club.” And it’s the best club you could ever be in. I’m so lucky and blessed.


**OK, so so here’s my review of Pixar’s new “Inside Out:”
Amazing. Sensational. Moving. Magical. As good as all the reviews say it is.

The wife and I saw it Saturday night, and as high as my expectations for the flick were given the build-up and positive chatter, the movie lived up to it.

The writing was, as usual with Pixar, beautiful, filled with emotion, humor and so much heart. The casting was great, with Amy Poehler and Lewis Black particularly great, though I fear the best performance of the entire movie isn’t getting talked about much; Richard Kind as Bing Bong was unbelievably good; Kind is one of those fabulous character actors who you’ve seen more than you think (to me he’ll always be Fran’s husband Mark on “Mad About You”) and this may be the best performance of his life.

The concept of the movie (five emotions that live inside of an 11-year-old girl’s head take us on a tour of her life as she moves from Minnesota to San Francisco) is brilliant, and “Inside/Out” does what all great Pixar movies do: makes you laugh, cry and feel things.

To me it’s right up there with “Up,” “Finding Nemo,” and the “Toy Story” trilogy as the best work Pixar’s ever done. Go see it.

**Finally, so much good stuff has been written and said about the Charleston massacre from last week, about the racism still so very much alive in America, and about South Carolina’s disgusting refusal to take down the Confederate flag.

But this Jon Stewart opening from “The Daily Show” Thursday night… man, so so good. He’ll be sorely missed when he’s gone in a few weeks.


One response to “My first Father’s Day as a dad was fantastic. “Inside Out” is as wonderful as everyone says. And Jon Stewart on Charleston, so good

  1. I look forward to my Monday morning emails Michael and this week’s edition of WWoS did not disappoint. Happy belated Father’s Day to you. Ruth and I also saw Inside Out this weekend (the only adults in the theater without children at our showing) and we too LOVED it. An instant classic from Pixar!
    Wait until Nate actually picks his own Father’s Day gifts for you! That will be another real treat!

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