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Good News Friday: Transgender swimmer given choice of men’s or women’s team at Harvard. Kids find wallets and do the right thing. And a terrific Duracell July 4th ad


And a Happy Fourth of July holiday weekend to you and yours; hope you spend the next three days barbecuing, laying in the sun, and watching the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team win the World Cup Sunday night againast Japan (was really hoping they’d play England, because, you know, beating our former rulers on Indepedence Day weekend would’ve been fairly awesome. Take that, Lord Cornwallis!)

Just please, whatever you do, do not watch the disgusting Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on TV. I cannot understand how “competitive eating” is a thing; I find it repulsive.

Anyway, lots of good stuff to choose from when looking for uplifting material this week. First up, the Red Cross in Japan decided to undertake a very cool experiment recently: They wanted to see what little kids would do when, standing in a group at a bus or train station, an adult dropped a wallet in front of them without realizing it.

Watch what happens as each kid looks around, thinks about what to do, then … Just watch. It’s very sweet and life-affirming. Kids, generally, want to do the right thing.
Very cool little commercial.

**Next up, more proof that the world is changing, and that old, tired, disgusting prejudices are slowly fading away. This is a small story, but kind of a big story, I think.

A transgender high school swimmer named Schuyler Bailar, from Virginia, was accepted to Harvard and was recruited to be on the swim team.

The women’s swim team; Schuyler swam on girls teams throughout childhood and even was a former teammate of Olympian Katie Ledecky.

But Schuyler has previously identified as a male and after graduating high school, he took a “gap year” and completed his transition, medically, to become a male.

“Initially the decision was, “Do I swim, or do I quit and transition?” ‘Bailar said. ‘I really didn’t want to give up swimming, but I also didn’t know how much longer I could do the living as a girl thing.’

After talking it over amongst themselves, and with the Harvard administration, swim coaches Stephanie Morawski and Kevin Tyrrell agreed that Schulyer would be accepted onto the men’s team.

Tyrrell talked to his men’s swim team about it, to gauge their feelings, and “within 15 seconds, the guys all said ‘yeah, let’s do it.'”

So this fall, Schuyler Bailar will become the first transgender swimmer in NCAA history.

One brick at a time, the walls are coming down, and people are free to be who they want to be.

**And finally today, I thought this was a great tear-jerking ad to help celebrate July 4. It’s a new Duracell commercial about a father, a daughter, and a changing relationship.

Yeah, I almost cried, sue me…