Ronda Rousey is the 21st century Mike Tyson. R.I.P. to the great Rowdy Roddy Piper. And Joe Biden, running for President once again?


Heading home to NYC today after a wonderful weekend with friends in Massachusetts, where we picked blueberries, went swimming, and I tried mightily not to annoy the locals with DeflateGate jokes. It was hard, though, especially after I was served my Dunkin’ Donuts beverage in a Red Sox cup. Love New England, love, love, love it. But man do I hate their sports teams…

Back in late 1980s, Mike Tyson would win some of his boxing matches before he even stepped into the ring.

His opponents would be so psychologically frightened and psyched out, that they didn’t even think they could win, and would enter the ropes already hoping the damage they’d suffer wouldn’t be too bad.

I don’t follow boxing, nor do I follow UFC too much, but Ronda Rousey pretty much demands your attention, and she is quickly becoming the 21st Century version of Tyson. She had another “fight” Saturday night, this one lasting all of 34 seconds, which is a little longer than her bouts have gone lately.

She destroyed yet another opponent, Bethe Correia, and this time didn’t use her signature finishing move, the armbar; instead, Rousey just knocked Correia out with some well-placed punches to the face.

Rousey truly is an elite athlete, worthy of being compared to Serena Williams and other female stars. I wonder if her opponents really think they can beat her, or if, like when Tyson reigned, they’re already beaten.

If you haven’t seen her fight yet, she’s definitely worth a look.

**Speaking of wildly entertaining characters in the squared circle, I must spend a minute or two today remembering the great Rowdy Roddy Piper, who died on Friday at age 61. When I was an enormous wrestling fan in the 1980s, Piper was the ultimate villain, with his wise-cracking remarks, his incredibly obnoxious face, and of course, his kilt. He was over the top with his verbal deliveries that as much as you hated him, you had to kind of admire and laugh at him.

As a wrestler, Piper wasn’t so great, but man, was he fun to watch. He and Hulk Hogan help build the WWF into the colossus it is today, and there hasn’t been anyone as good on the mic since.


**Finally today, the big political news over the weekend, besides the frothy anticipation and must-see television that will be the first GOP presidential debate this Thursday (I can’t wait, it’s going to be a freak show/car crash kind of TV show), was this New York Times story saying that Vice-President Joe Biden, who twice has run unsuccessfully for President, allegedly thinking about running again, and challenging Hillary Clinton.

I’m actually surprised it’s taken this long for Biden to jump in, although I don’t think he has much of a chance. Democrats like me who are looking for an alternative to Hillary aren’t likely to support Biden, whose age (72) and previous failures in primaries don’t engender much support.

I love the guy, and hope he runs, because I want as competitive a Democratic primary as possible (and don’t think the Hillary people haven’t noticed the Bernie Sanders momentum).

But Biden as Prez? I think standing next to Barack Obama is as close to the big chair as he’ll get.

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