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Good News Friday: Four guys get childbirth labor pain simulated on them. Bud Collins gets a very cool tennis honor. And an oldie but goodie: Young love and a first kiss

Of all the good news we could celebrate today, I think the fact that none of those 10 stooges on stage at the GOP Presidential Debate last night are actually President, you know, now, and hopefully never will be in the future. Man oh man, what a shitstorm that thing was, and I only watched half of it.

OK, on to the real good news of the week:

First up, I thought this was fascinating, and it’s good news because in just a few minutes it finally and truly showed men what women go through when pushing the human they’ve been growing for nine months, out of their body.

These gentlemen called “The Try Guys” do interesting stunts all the time, but this was definitely the bravest and coolest: They literally asked doctors to simulate what it would feel like to give birth. And the results are shockingly painful.
Sign me up! (Not really). Seriously though, all credit to these dudes for trying this.

See women, men DO feel your pain sometimes.


**Next up today, one of my all-time idols just got awarded a very cool honor. Bud Collins, the incredibly talented sportswriter/sportscaster who’s covered tennis since the sport was invented, practically, is not in great health these days, and sadly it’s been years since he’s been seen on a tennis broadcast.

But in honor of his decades of brilliance, and kindness toward others (seriously, he’s like the nicest man ever, and I say that from a few brief but awesome personal encounters), the U.S. Tennis Association has decided to name the media center at the U.S. Open after Bud.

Very cool. Every journalist who steps foot in that room (as I will be lucky enough to do again in a few weeks) owes a debt of gratitude to one of the trailblazers of the profession.

Even better news is Bud’s Twitter feed says the 86-year-old is recovering

**Finally today, I’ll be honest: I could’ve spent some more time searching and searching for a third GNF item. But I’m tired and it’s late and I love this video so much that I just like sharing it once in a while; I think I’ve run it twice before, but it makes me smile every time I see it: Bowie and Elliott, two little kids, and a first kiss: The look on Elliott’s face at the 53-second mark is the greatest thing ever.