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An Iowa barber gives free haircuts to kids who read to him. Key and Peele give teachers their props. And strangers paint a man’s house in a beautiful gesture


And a Happy Friday to you all, I’m happy for lots of reasons today, and even the fact that my 40th birthday is mere days away (Monday) isn’t enough to get me down today (I’m sure I’ll be depressed about it on Sunday, so Monday’s post may be gloomy and self-pitying 🙂

First up today, this wonderful program from an Iowa barber and the school district in Dubuque: Children who read books to the barber receive a free haircut.
It’s part of a back-to-school community event, called the Back to School Bash, and barber Courtney Holmes helped dozens of children look their best, for free, while working on their reading skills.

Caitlin Daniels, grade-level reading coordinator with the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque, also helped struggling readers in the barber chair.

“It’s great. All the kids, they want to have a good haircut to go back to school,” Daniels said. “They’re paying through reading.”

Very cool idea. It takes the pressure off reading for kids who struggle by making it an achievement situation, and making it fun, while looking their best for school.

And to think, all I heard in the barber’s chair as a kid were slightly dirty jokes told by the old guy my father took me to.

Great going, Dubuque. Hope more cities do this to promote reading.

**Next up today, this was on Key and Peele a few weeks ago but I just saw it the other day. It’s another “SportsCenter” parody, but this time showing what the world would be like if teachers were treated like athletes, and given the respect they so richly deserve.

Hilarious, but also a great idea for our society. (the “her father was just a humble pro football player living paycheck to paycheck” line killed me.)


**Finally today, random acts of kindess are the best acts of kindness. Check this out: A  75-year-old man living in Pendleton, Oregon named Leonard Bullock sits on his porch all day, minding his own business.

His house looks to be in disrepair, but he never bothered anyone or said a cross word.
Last month, neighbor Josh Cyganik was going to go talk to Bulloock when he overheard a couple of teenagers scream out “Look at this crappy house. They just need to burn it down!”

As Cyganik glanced over, he saw Bullock with his head down.

Most people would’ve just just moved on about their day. But Cyganik couldn’t do that. He called a friend of his who runs a lumber and paint store, and the friend agreed to help fix up the house.

Then Cyganik posted a call for help working on the house on Facebook, and got 6,000 shares.
With a little bit of faith, Cyganik knocked on Bullock’s door the next day and asked him if he would like his house repainted.
“He was just flabbergasted,” Cyganik said. “He was excited and he said he would love that!”

The following Saturday, Cyganik and his five coworkers headed over to work on Bullock’s house, unsure how many people would join them. At least 95 people showed up, and the results are above.

I’m so glad those stupid kids said what they did. Look at the goodwill it brought to an old man who now has a beautiful house to sit in.

There’s so much good in the world. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different.