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Good News Friday: Bernie Sanders gets a lot of money, and we’re going to have a real race for the nomination. The great Gladys Knight surprises her biggest fan. And Cam Newton does an awesome thing for a kid


I’m going to try really, really hard to stay positive and keep this post “good news” as is my tradition here on Fridays, but after yet another gun massacre on a college campus, it’s hard… 141 school shootings since Newtown. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE!!

OK, on to the good news…

I’ve made no secret of my support for Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont who’s the most liberal “serious” Presidential candidate since, maybe George McGovern.

I am aligned with Sanders politically on just about every issue, I admire his passion and his convictions, and I think he’s tapped into a deep-seated anger among Americans about the disgusting wealth inequality that exists today.

Now… I still think it’s a longshot that he gets the Democratic nomination. Hillary Clinton has an enormous advantage in name recognition, political machinery, and high-powered connections.

Still, today is a good day for democracy, and it’s good news for democracy, no matter who you’re voting for. That’s because Thursday it was announced that Sanders, thanks to more than a million small donors like myself, raised a mammoth $26 million since July, and now has $26 million cash on hand.

That’s fabulous for him, and for Democratic voters everywhere, because now we’ll have a real fight, a real contest, for the nomination. For the last two years it’s been almost a fait accompli that Mrs. Clinton would waltz to the nomination, and face no real challenge.

Bernie Sanders has enough money to fight, now. He can go after Clinton on any number of topics, show voters that she’s not nearly as liberal as she’s claimed to be these last few months, and give us a real choice.

I’m excited. I know Bernie probably won’t win, but at least he has the means to fight. And that’s wonderful news. Democracy is about choice, and now Democrats will actually have one.

**Next up today, my beloved New York Jets are off to a pretty good 2-1 start, and a lot of that is due to the calm, steady demeanor of new head coach Todd Bowles. (Call him the anti-Rex Ryan).

One of the few “quirks” Bowles has allowed fans and media to see is his love of Gladys Knight and the Pips’ music. He’s mentioned Gladys so often in interviews and TV appearances that word got back to the legendary singer.

So this week, after the Jets lost their first game of the year, a special guest caller phoned in to Bowles’ weekly radio spot on ESPN Radio in New York. Fast forward to the 2:30 mark, and watch a grown man get totally star-struck on the radio:


**And finally today, Cam Newton, for all his shortcomings on the field, has always been an athlete who “gets it” when it comes to being a role model to kids in the Charlotte area.
Once again this week the Panthers quarterback did something awesome for a kid.

From SBNation.com: 

“Ten-year-old Elijah Hughes loves Halloween. It’s his favorite holiday. He is also battling a rare form of cancer, and doctors are unsure if he’ll make it to Oct. 31. A community rallied around the little boy, and on Friday night they held Halloween early. Elijah dressed like The Joker, dozens of children joined him in wearing their costumes early — and there was one surprise guest.

Cam Newton had heard about the party, and not only did the NFL quarterback make an appearance, he brought an ice cream truck and brownies. Then he spent the evening with the kids and helped make everyone forget why they were there — which is everything.”

What an awesome gesture; the ice cream truck helped, too.

Great job, Cam.