The baseball playoffs, with all these fresh teams, have me moderately excited. The Danish government puts out a brilliant ad to encourage more procreation. And the guy who got drunk and ran away in a mascot’s uniform


So it’s early October, which means the leaves are turning, the weather’s getting cooler, I’m irrationally optimistic about my New York Rangers season starting (tonight the season starts against the Stanley Cup champs! No seriously, the Blueshirts have a great chance to win the Cup this year, and I’m not the only one who thinks so), and I start to follow baseball for real.

I barely watch the sport all season because as I’ve said here before, baseball just doesn’t interest me much anymore. But in October, during the playoffs, I get into it.

And I gotta say, this year should be fascinating because there are so many new teams who haven’t had success in a long time competing for the World Series title.

You’ve got the Blue Jays, last in the playoffs when Bill Clinton was in his first year as Prez. The Cubs, who are only decent every decade or so. The Pirates, who were so bad for so long and only in the last two years have gotten good. The Astros, who have been terrible for awhile now and eliminated my Yankees Tuesday night. The Kansas City Royals, who built on last year’s miracle run to dominate this year, and have such a great comeback, feel-good story off 2014’s success (above photo).

And of course, the New York Metropolitans, who now have a rare chance to take over New York City for a few weeks, as they enter a series with the Dodgers. Not since the 2000 Subway Series have I seen New York this buzzed about the orange and blue; I heard three conversations Tuesday about the Mets in Manhattan, three more than you usually hear this time of year. (Also the Mets being in the playoffs gives me an excuse to put this great “Sportscenter” commercial starring Mr. Met into the blog. God I love Mr. Met.)

Even as a Yankees fan, I’m pulling for the Mets, because they’re a great story. But really, there are a ton of great stories in this year’s playoffs.

So even with my hectic life and the NHL starting and the Jets doing well, baseball, as it almost always does, will draw me in with compelling storylines. And with the Yankees out, I can just enjoy the games.

For what it’s worth (not much), I’m picking a Dodgers-Blue Jays World Series. But I think a Cubs-Royals or Mets-Blue Jays would be all kinds of fun, too.

Put me in coach, I’m ready to play, today

**Next up, we have very few rules on this blog, but one of them is: If a country puts out a public service announcement telling its citizens to have more sex, and telling them how to do it, that makes the blog.

Meet Denmark. Their birthrate is plummeting, and they’re trying everything they can to get their people to make more babies. And have more whoopie.

So they put out PSA’s like this, and I just laughed and laughed, especially at the grandma at the :35 mark.

The Charlotte Knights baseball mascot during the 2008 season.

**And finally, may I present Joe Gillespie, of North Carolina, one of my favorite stupid criminals I’ve seen in a while. Seems Joe’s a big fan of the Charlotte Knights, and specifically, their mascot, Homer the Dragon (why a team called the Knights has a dragon as a mascot, I cannot explain. But I digress).

After the team’s beer festival two weeks ago, Joe broke into an office at the ballpark and stole Homer’s costume.

He then fled the scene, wearing said costume. Police arrested him at home a short time later, and (shocking) was found to be in possession of marijuana.

I’m positively brimming with questions here: Did Gillespie drive home in that thing, or take the bus? Where did he keep his keys, or the bus fare? When the police arrested him, did he try to run away, because you know, you can’t really run that fast in those mascot unis. And did he smoke a joint while wearing the uniform so he could be (wait for it) Puff the Magic Dragon??? (Thanks, I’m here all week. Try the veal.)

Ah, Joe Gillespie. God bless you and your drunk self.



One response to “The baseball playoffs, with all these fresh teams, have me moderately excited. The Danish government puts out a brilliant ad to encourage more procreation. And the guy who got drunk and ran away in a mascot’s uniform

  1. Pierce and Bill Littlefield talked about the guy in the mascot suit. Charlie also told the story about when he was at Marquette. He and some friends went to a Brewer game. One of the friends was a bit over served.He fell asleep on the toilet. Woke up at 3 am. Needless to say there was no one left at the park and I believe locked in the bathroom. Pierce never did say how the guy got out.

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