Good News Friday: Finally, proof that hugs make you healthier! A Halloween commercial that cracked me up. And a woman who makes capes for sick children


And a Happy Friday to you! Many of my fellow New Yorkers are a little bummed today, what with the Mets being down 0-2 in the World Series to Kansas City, but hey, it’s Halloween weekend, the World Series ain’t over yet, and life is good.

Life is even better if you give a lot of hugs, too. We lead off Good News Friday with this fabulous story about a theory from top scientists at Carnegie-Mellon (really, are there any not-top scientists at a school like that? Of course not)

According to this story I heard on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me,” scientists at Carnegie Mellon have a theory that could help you stay healthy and get the scientists at Carnegie Mellon some hug action. According to their research, people who hug more are less stressed. And the less stressed you are, the stronger your immune system. So the more you hug, the stronger you become.

I knew hugs were good for me! I’m a hugger. Maybe an over-hugger sometimes. But I love hugs, getting and receiving them. Hey, I’m the son of a woman who used to have a bumper sticker that read “Hugs not Drugs.” (Thanks Mom.)

So this is great news. I’m so happy about this, I’m gonna go hug it out like Ari from ‘Entourage” always said to.

Next up, tomorrow is of course Halloween, a holiday I never cared for but of course since I know am a father have to suddenly care about (don’t worry, I’m taking the little guy trick or treating in our building tomorrow, it should be fun). Check out this new Halloween-themed commercial that takes a very different (and hilarious) turn than what you’re expecting.

**Finally today, another beautiful and heartwarming tale from Robyn Rosenberger was a technical support employee for a software company when she decided to make a present for her 2-year-old nephew for his birthday. She decided to sew the tyke a superhero cape.

She liked it so much, she made a few more.Then she read online about a child with a rare skin disease named Brenna, and Robyn decided to make her a cape and sent it to her, too.

Word spread on social media and elsewhere, and suddenly Robyn had a business called “Tiny Superheroes,” making capes for sick children all over the world.

She’s now sewn capes for thousands of kids in all 50 states, and dozens of countries.

Watch the video above of Robyn telling her story in collaboration with American Express.

What an amazing woman. Truly an inspiration.


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