A new edition of “The Daddy Files,” featuring my son walking, throwing phones into hampers, and causing other delightful mayhem. And the assistant principal who boogies at morning dropoff


And a Happy Friday to everyone out there on the Interwebs. It’s been a few months since I’ve written a “Daddy Files”, and as everyone knows, babies change a whole lot in a few months.

So lots to catch up on, if you’ll indulge me…

— So his first “real” Halloween (Nate was only 6 weeks old last Oct. 31) was a bit of an “eh” holiday for him. Over the course of the past year people had given us/bought us a few different costumes, including a robot and a giraffe (above).

On the big day, we took him trick or treating in our apartment building and he wasn’t really into it. When kind people would give him candy, he’d hand it right back to them. I told them that’s normal, he’s always handing stuff to us.

As my friend Ali (mom of 2 boys) pointed out, parents really score when the kid is too young to eat the Halloween candy. My stomach can confirm this!

— So the big news since my last “Daddy Files” when he turned 1 is that he’s walking by himself now. He started a week or two after his birthday and man, people were right when they told me everything would change once he was mobile. He sneaks up on me so much faster now, he falls a lot more (mostly because he’s walking too fast and trips on a rug or something), and he’s getting a lot more exercise. We started him on a My Gym class and in addition to the stair-climbing and ball-pit fun, he’s napping a lot better on those days.

— Also, with the walking? He can reach everything. It’s not just him emptying all of his clothes out of his drawers, then having me walk in and he gets this “Daddy I have NO idea how that happened!” look on his face. Every day I have to move something else that I didn’t think he could reach.


— I swear I wish I could figure out what he’s laughing at half the time. For example: When Nate was born we were given these two stools with his name on them spelled out in small blocks, and he loves to take the blocks out and play with them. So a few weeks ago we noticed a bunch of them were missing, and we couldn’t find them anywhere.
Then while playing with the boy on a Saturday, my wife opened one of his bigger toys and found like seven of his blocks in there. He giggled uproariously, and we wondered: Is he laughing because we found his secret hiding place, or is he laughing because he had forgotten he’d put them there and was happy to have them back?

— The transitioning to solid food thing isn’t going great. He loves his purees and pouches and will happily eat bread, and cheese, and small pieces of chicken. But at 14 months he still spits out a lot of the “grown-up food” we try to give him and we can’t quite shake the purees. Ah, all in due time.

— My clothes hamper rings on a regular basis now. Because my boy likes to take one of our cordless phones and put it in there. One time I had to dig through two days’ worth of pants and shirts to answer the phone.

Maybe that’s where it does belong?

–He waves at everyone on the street. Doesn’t matter if he’s in his stroller, or walking, or anywhere. I swear it’s like he’s the mayor of our block. And he gets this confused look on his face when people don’t wave back. In his mind, what could be more important?

**Finally today, I give you Gary Logan, an assistant principal at Woodrow Elementary School in Conway, Ark. He is the most enthusiastic morning drop-off faculty member in world history. He dances or sings every morning to try to make the students happy and smile, and most of the time, he accomplishes his mission.

Just check out this dude’s moves and try not to smile. You go, Mr. Logan. Shake that moneymaker.

“I don’t do bad days,” Logan says. “Every day is a good day.”

I love people like Gary Logan, taking a mundane activity filled with frowns and making it fun.


One response to “A new edition of “The Daddy Files,” featuring my son walking, throwing phones into hampers, and causing other delightful mayhem. And the assistant principal who boogies at morning dropoff

  1. Keep the updates on Nate coming! I’m a year behind you so I like hearing insight about what to expect down the road.

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