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A 10-month-old’s “real” wish list for Santa. Gregg Popovich and Craig Sager have an awesome NBA sideline moment. And a Scottish newspaper shows how a free country welcomes refugees


It is one of those Thursday nights for me where, yet again, I have trouble being optimistic and feeling uplifted while writing a Good News Friday post.

Because in what is sickeningly becoming a weekly event, there was another mass shooting in America this week. The names change, the locations change, the motives change. What never changes are the laws that might prevent such a massacre.

I mourn for the victims, as always, but I just don’t have the mental strength to rant for hundreds of words about how pathetic it is that we, the strongest and most advanced nation in the world, continue to allow this shit to happen over, and over, and OVER again.

Instead, how about some positive news, like this hilarious wish list for Santa from a 10-month-old, sent to me by great friend of the blog Rebecca and written by a Huffington Post writer named Raquel Dapice.

Believe me, as the father of a 14-month old, I can say this is 100 percent accurate.
I was hooked from the beginning:

Dear Santa,

I am a 10-month-old baby and I write because my mother has been sending out my “Christmas List” to people, and her list does not in any way represent the things I really want. I could give two s#*ts about receiving stacking cups.

And I know you’re ready to make the joke about 10-month-old babies and how all we want is the wrapping paper and the boxes. Touché, Santa. Touché. We do, of course, want those things. But I have a number of additional things I want very badly.

My list is enclosed below. Have a lovely holiday.

–10-Month-Old Baby

My favorites on the list? The contents of the trash bucket, and the “wall mount entertainment center.” Those are hugely popular items in my house.

**Next up today, this made me feel great, and if you’re an NBA fan or just a fan of good people, I think you’ll like it too. Gregg Popovich, head coach of the San Antonio Spurs, is known primarily for two things: Being an incredible coach, one of the best ever, and being incredibly cantankerous during interviews. Especially when he’s forced to do one of these pointless mid-game interviews with a sideline reporter every time the Spurs are on on national TV.

Popovich loathes these fake Q and A’s more than anything, and over the years he and colorful TNT announcer Craig Sager have had dozens of verbal sparring matches, where Sager tries to ask a question and Popovich stonewalls, or stares at Sager, or says one or two words. Truly, these Sager-Pop interviews are performance art.

Anyway … Sager was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and thankfully has recovered enough to resume his TNT duties. Thursday night, Sager and Popovich “met” for an interview, and it was beautiful. Seriously, watch that video and see the respect and love Pop has for Sager. It’s so, so great…

**Finally today, there has been so much nastiness, and fear-mongering, and downright hate speech in America the last few months over the issue of Syrian refugees coming to the U.S.

It’s wrong, it’s xenophobic, and as we’ve seen this week, worrying about terrorists coming thousands of miles to kill us when we’ve got plenty of homegrown terrorists with guns already in our borders is pretty ridiculous and pointless.

Which is why it was so refreshing to see this front page (below) from a Scottish newspaper called the National two weeks ago, when the first refugees from Syria were arriving.


THAT is how you treat people escaping the horrors of their country for the hope of something better. Wonderful to see. Bravo, Scotland.