Good News Friday: Carolina Panthers star Luke Kuechly takes a huge fan on a 21st birthday date. Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon do “Kid Theater.” And a man’s 100 love note tribute to his late wife


And a Happy Friday to you out there in Internet-land. We’re in the middle of Hanukkah, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is up, and Donald Trump is on his way to Mecca to pray with his favorite people as we speak (ha.)

Lots of good stories and videos this week that came my way. First up, if you’re a football fan you probably know the Carolina Panthers are having an amazing season, as the last undefeated NFL team right now. They’re 12-0, have a really good chance to go 16-0, and are one of the feel-good stories of sports these days.

One more reason to root for them: The huge heart of star linebacker Luke Kuechly. The hard-hitting ‘backer took a local girl suffering from cerebral palsy on a surprise birthday date.

As seen in this story, Jessica Hayes has cerebral palsy, autism, and is half blind. And she had one wish for her 21st birthday: “to meet Carolina Panthers player Luke Kuechly and give him one of my famous hugs.”

Kuechly surprised Jessica with flowers and a limo, and whisked her off to a great night.

See the video here at the bottom; it’s fantastic.

**Next up today, Jimmy Fallon continues to do great, creative work on “The Tonight Show.” This clip is from October but my friend Christine just pointed me to it this week; it’s from a recurring Fallon sketch called “Kid Theater,” where Jimmy and a famous actor read scenes from the actor’s recent movie, with the twist being that elementary school children write scenes for the film just knowing the title.

Tom Hanks and “Bridge of Spies” got the little-kid treatment here; I laughed really hard, especially at the second one.


**Finally today, another example of one man doing one simple thing, that explodes into something wonderful all over the world. This is Hyong Yi, of Charlotte, N.C., pictured with his wife Catherine and their two children.

Catherine died of cancer a year ago, and instead of mourning her death and feeling awful on the anniversary in November, Hyong did something awesome.

He took 100 love notes that he and Catherine had written to each other, and passed them out to strangers on the streets of Charlotte.

He then encouraged each person to pass on the notes to loved ones in their lives, and gave them blank notes to write their own personalized messages.

The hashtag #100LoveNotes has gone viral, and Hyong has heard from people in Scotland, New Zealand, and Canada, among other places.

People have made videos and put them on Twitter, and many of them are in this article here.

“What I wouldn’t give to have one more minute, even a minute, to talk, hold hands with Catherine,” Hyong says. “I want people to take a minute and reflect on that and take time to acknowledge those important in your life.”

Really beautiful stuff here.

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