Happy New Year! Some resolutions from yours truly for 2016. The happiest dog at Christmas you’ll ever see. And a really fun new commercial with kids living with their NBA heroes


Happy 2016 to y’all! Hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve; mine was happily routine and boring; ever since our little guy came along our Dec. 31 evenings have become pretty tame (then again, we weren’t so wild before the kid came along; I think New Year’s Eve stops becoming important once you turn 30.)

We had the in-laws over, watched a little college football, played some Rummy-O (or Rummy-Cue, or Rummy Cub, the game has like 11 different names), and laughed as usual as Kathy Griffin tried her best to humiliate Anderson Cooper on CNN.

Going to start the first Good News Friday of ’16 with a couple quick New Year’s Resolutions for myself. Honestly, these are for my benefit more than you the reader’s, I find once something is written down it’s a lot harder to ignore. But here’s to doing better in 2016 by doing the following…

1. Look at my cell phone less, especially late at night. It’s terrible for your eyes, it’s distracting, and especially bad in helping me fall asleep when I roll over and look at something. But mostly, I need to fight the urge to constantly be “tuned in” and just enjoy the world around me more.

2. Read more, watch less: My list of books I want to read is now well over two dozen, and not shrinking. Fewer Duke and Rangers games on TV, more reading. First up: Te-Nehisi Coates’ “Between the World and Me,” which has been sitting on my nightstand since September; finishing Nick Kristof and Sheryl Wu Dunn’s “Half The Sky,” and diving into Jason Gay’s “Little Victories.”

3. Stop measuring my son’s milestones against other children: I try really hard not to do this, but I can’t help it: We’re at a play-date, or in music class, and some kid around Nate’s age is already talking, or already doing something else. And I feel this instant pang of “why isn’t MY kid doing that yet?” It’s completely ridiculous and stupid; I have the happiest, healthiest most wonderful baby on the planet (I may be biased), and I know he’ll reach every milestone when he’s good and ready.

Besides, what if he finally starts talking and says “Daddy, I don’t like the Jets. They stink?”

4. Learn to love Hillary, our next President: OK, maybe not “love.” But at least try to put aside all my past preconceptions of her and learn to embrace her candidacy, once she disposes of my man Bernie Sanders and cruises to the nomination. This one could be tough, but I will try…

5. Stop watching the GOP debates: The biggest guilty pleasure of all time. But I think they’re rotting my brain.

6. Watch the Jets win the Super Bowl: Just kidding. I make that resolution every year, and it ain’t coming true anytime soon 🙂


**Next up, this is a few days old but made me smile. Watch this dog go absolutely nuts with joy over opening a Christmas gift. Don’t you wish you were ever this happy about anything?

**And finally, a wonderful new long commercial by Nike, with a pretty funny concept: A bunch of kids can’t decide who their favorite basketball player is, so they move in with Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Elena Delle Donne and others for a few days to see which one they like best.

My favorites are the Durant and Paul George ones, although Kobe’s segment is hilarious, too. (“Eight hours of training is nothing compared to a second of losing.”)




One response to “Happy New Year! Some resolutions from yours truly for 2016. The happiest dog at Christmas you’ll ever see. And a really fun new commercial with kids living with their NBA heroes

  1. I would like to do more reading as well. But I find so much interesting stuff on line to read that it is hard to get in to books. I know you aren’t a big baseball fan, but you might want to read A Terrible Beauty by Charles Leerhsen. It is a bio about Ty Cobb. You might have heard the interview with him on Only A Game. He really digs in to his life and some of the myths surrounding him.

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