Daily Archives: February 4, 2016

Good News Friday: A 5-year-old with cancer proposes marriage to a nurse. The Chicago Blackhawks make a fan’s dreams come true. And Adele’s carpool karaoke thru London is lots of fun

And a Happy Friday to all! Well that was a pretty rollicking, entertaining Democratic debate last night. I must admit as Bernie Sanders supporter that Hillary Clinton had an outstanding night; truly, I have no idea why she didn’t want more debates in this election cycle, she’s really, really good at it. Bernie did well, too, and I think he’ll still win New Hampshire next week, but she opened new lines of attack against him, and really pushed back against his Wall Street critiques. It was good, substantive stuff, though I’m shocked in a state like N.H. guns didn’t come up at all.

Anyway… lots of good stories to choose from this week for Good News Friday; I didn’t include it down below but this was just beautiful; a young Muslim-American woman named Sabah Muktar was given the honor of introducing President Obama Wednesday as he visited a mosque for the first time as President (kind of amazing he hasn’t visited one in seven years).

Her short speech shows exactly why it’s so important to reassure American Muslims that we’re not all as intolerant and bigoted as the GOP Presidential candidates. Look at how touched and honored she is that Obama visited; hugely influential for him to say “Look, there are millions of peaceful Muslims in this country who want the same things you do.”

OK, moving on. Gideon Robinson, a 5-year-old leukemia patient, proposed to “Tall Sarah,” his favorite nurse at a San Diego hospital last week.

Gideon’s mom was great enough to film her discussion with him about his proposal beforehand, than got the whole thing on tape.

So sweet. Tall Sarah, you’re a lucky woman.

**Next up, the Chicago Blackhawks have appeared in Good News Friday probably as much as any sports team, because they and their players keep doing awesome things for people. Today I bring you goalie Corey Crawford visiting one of his biggest fans, a boy named Ben who, since birth has had a condition that makes it hard for him to move his arms and legs.

Ben’s a huge hockey fan, a huge Blackhawks fan, and a huge Crawford fan. So the goalie went to Ben’s house and helped his babysitter take care of Ben for a day, bringing a couple Chicago teammates with him.

Very sweet stuff, especially the end with Crawford serving mac and cheese for lunch.

**And finally, not sure how I missed this when it first aired two weeks ago, but Adele’s Carpool Karaoke with James Corden was stellar and sweet, featuring Adele rapping, Corden trying to convince her to get a posse together, and some kick-ass singing.

Adele, to me, is like Jennifer Lawrence in that you can’t believe she’s so composed and mature at such a young age. This is great…