Good News Friday: A 100-year-old Rangers fan gets to meet her heroes. Elton John and James Corden in carpool karaoke. And a 10-year-old’s clean energy project helps hundreds


And a Happy Friday to you all! I’m still buzzing in amazement at that remarkable Duke win over North Carolina Wednesday night; truly one of the most improbable and shocking wins I’ve seen in 30 years as a Blue Devils fan.

But since that win is only “good news” to the small portion of us that root for Duke, let’s move on to some more universally-accepted good news.

Like, for example, a woman hitting the century mark and getting to meet her heroes.

Mila Zavodni went to her first hockey game in 1926, 90 years ago. Her father took her to a Rangers exhibition game in Czechoslovakia when she was 10, and she got hooked on the sport.

Zavodni, who lives in White Plains, N.Y., watches Rangers games on TV all the time, and is a huge diehard fan. So a few weeks ago her neighbor and good friend, Tim Khachetoorian, contacted the Rangers and let them know about their biggest fan’s birthday milestone.

So Tuesday Zavodni got to go to a Rangers practice, meet star players Mats Zuccarello and Derek Stepan, and got a ton of souvenirs.

“It’s beautiful. It’s perfect,” Zavodni told the Journal-News of Westchester. “It’s not the same as watching on television. You don’t sense the physicality of what they do. These boys are so tall and majestic, and they glide across the ice like ballerinas.”

I loved this quote from her, too.

“It was so fun, I can’t wait to call my sons and tell them about it,” she told the paper. “I love watching hockey because it makes you forget about your problems. This sport is so full of joy, full of life. Sometimes I wish I weren’t so old, because it can be hard. But then, there are moments like this.”

God bless her. I hope at 100 I’m still able to watch the Rangers and complain about their awful penalty killing and refusal to shoot the puck.

**Nezt up, these James Corden Carpool Karaoke segments keep getting better and better. This might be my favorite one yet, with the legendary Elton John. His story about how “Your Song” was written is just beautiful, and I thought it was really interesting to hear him talk about how other new and exciting music still motivates him, after all these years.

Plus, James Corden’s wig…


**Finally today, I love stories like this, of little kids taking on huge problems and actually making a difference.

From comes the story of Cassandra Lin, who at 10 years old began learning about global warming and how if the world’s addiction to fossil fuel continues, her home state of Rhode Island would be completely underwater by 2100.

So Cassandra and her friends decided they wanted to do something about it, and hit on an idea: She formed the Turn Grease Into Fuel organization, soliciting restaurants to, instead of throwing away used cooking oil, transferring it into biofuel, energy that is much, much better for the environment than fossil fuels.

Cassandra got the town of Waverly, R.I. to help out, and since its launch seven years ago TGIF has, with the help of 132 local restaurants, used the biofuel to heat the homes of 400 local families.

They’ve also recycled enough cooking oil to offset 3 million pounds of CO2 emissions, according to the EPA’s estimations.

What an amazing kid.


One response to “Good News Friday: A 100-year-old Rangers fan gets to meet her heroes. Elton John and James Corden in carpool karaoke. And a 10-year-old’s clean energy project helps hundreds

  1. Good story about Cassandra. Willie Nelson has been using Bio Diesel since at least 2005 I am not sure if Cassandra was the first person to come up with the idea.

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