Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

Trump is up (frighteningly) and Bernie’s down after weekend primaries. And a wrestler proposes marriage to his opponent during the match (and it’s great)


It has gone from an impossibility, to a “probably never going to happen,” to a “it can’t REALLY happen, can it?” to a “dammit, it really could happen,” to now, finally “Holy cow, it’s really going to happen, isn’t it?”

I speak of course, about the chances the biggest egotistical a-hole in America, Mr. Donald J. Trump, could be one of two candidates with a chance to be elected President of these United States.

It’s no longer in the theoretical, it’s no longer “come on, this couldn’t possibly what we’re going to be stuck with,” mode. Donald Trump, a man who I don’t even think wants to be President, has won 2 of the 3 contests held so far, and stands a good chance of winning a bunch more on Super Tuesday (March 1).

I know everyone has already said this, but it’s truly like nothing we’ve ever seen before. No matter what Trump says, or does, his poll numbers and popularity stays the same, or rises.
He insults the Pope? No problem. Muslims, women, handicapped people, his opponents? All good, Donald! We’re still with you, Donald!

I thought Mitt Romney, and John McCain, and W. were frightening, but it was really just their beliefs and values that scared me. With this idiot, I really have no idea whatsoever what he would do or say as President. Him in power would be worse than anything we’ve ever seen in American politics.

Now, I know there’s still time, and with Jeb Bush dropping out of the GOP race maybe Marco Rubio or John Kasich gets a bump.

But goddamn, this Trump phenomenon shows no signs of slowing down. I can’t possibly believe he’d ever win a general election, because he’s a madman. But I don’t want to take that chance. Somebody, somehow, someway in the Republican Party is going to find a way to stop this man.

Right? Right?

A few more thoughts from Saturday’s primaries:

— Looking a little bleak for my man Bernie Sanders. He lost Saturday by 6 points in Nevada, lost most key demographics, and Hillary will probably clean his clock in South Carolina. My heart tells me that lots of voters are still getting to know Bernie, and he’ll do better in some of the more liberal Super Tuesday states like Minnesota and Massachusetts. But my head says Hillary may have taken his best punch and survived, and now she’s home free.

— Here’s the kind of stuff that would be totally approved of in a Trump Presidency: From Vox.com: “An Oklahoma gun range wouldn’t let Army reservist shoot there because he’s Muslim.”

— So disappointed we won’t have a 3rd Bush Presidency (sarcasm font). Whoever would’ve thought W. would be so much better as a politician than Jeb? Or maybe Jeb is just running for President at a time where the old rules no longer apply? I think the mainstream media is still kind of shocked Jeb did so poorly.

— Finally, John Kasich is hardly a moderate, but in this field he appears to be the only candidate who doesn’t make insane statements and lies frequently. He also seems to have a heart, as evidenced by this great clip at one of his town meetings last week. A really sweet, emotional moment.

**OK, next up, something you just don’t see every day: A pro wrestler proposing marriage to his opponent in the middle of a match.

Minor league wrestler Joey Ryan was in an intergender match against his girlfriend, Laura James, when the referee got “knocked out,” (as so often happens in pro wrestling, those poor refs get so much abuse).

With a pause in the match, Ryan walked over to his corner, pulled something out of a bag, and suddenly got on his knees in front of his opponent and asked her to marry him. (the good part starts at about the :30 mark)

She was shocked, and it was awesome! And then, of course, because it’s wrestling, the match continued and he pinned her.

Nothing says love like proposing in tights on a mat.