The party’s over for Bernie Sanders, and I am sad. A teenager films her friend’s rape and puts it live, on the Web. And a man thrown off an airplane for speaking Arabic


Well that stunk.

There will be a day, probably a few months from now, that I will sit back and think for a moment and smile that a 74-year-old democratic socialist from Vermont scared the bejeezus out the overwhelming presumed nominee for President, that he forced her all the way to the left on so many issues, and that he energized millions of young voters who’d never been a part of the political process.

Today, though, is not that day. In a crushing defeat, Bernie Sanders lost New York to Hillary Clinton by a sizable margin, quite a bit bigger than I thought. As I type this it’s 58-42 with 98 percent in, and with this big of a defeat, it’s pretty much over for Sanders. He’d have to win Pennsylvania and New Jersey by a pretty sizable margin next Tuesday, and there’s not really a chance I see that happening.

And on the GOP side, the vulgar, talking yam Mr. Trump dominated all his competition, and it looks like he’s got an insurmountable lead.

So we’ll have Trump vs. Clinton, and she’ll crush him with 320 electoral votes, and the Dems will take back the Senate, and maybe even the House, and all that is a good thing. And there’ll be plenty of time, oodles of time, to talk about and analyze that race nobody saw coming.

But tonight, tonight I’m feeling sad that Bernie Sanders’ fairly-miraculous run is going to come up short.

Winona Ryder was right: Reality does indeed bite sometimes.


**Next up today, two stories that repulse me so much, I almost don’t even have anything to say about them.

First, a high school student in Columbus, Ohio witnessed her 17-year-old friend being raped last month, in the same room where she was standing.

Did Marina Lonina (above), 18, try to help her friend by attacking the rapist, or by calling the police, or by screaming for help, or something like that?

No. Of course not. She pointed her phone at the rape and streamed a live video of it on Periscope.

Let me say that again: She pointed her phone at the rape and streamed a live video of it on Periscope.

Yes, as 29-year-old Raymond Gates allegedly sexually assaulted Marina’s friend, she decided to make a live Periscope movie out of it.

I don’t have the words. This story is chilling in many ways; On the evening of Feb. 27, all three were gathered at a residence in Columbus where Mr. Gates pinned the 17-year-old down and raped her as Ms. Lonina used Periscope, an app owned by Twitter, to live-stream the attack, the authorities said.

Lonina,  faces a spate of charges as severe as those facing Raymond Gates, 29, the man accused in the attack. Both have been charged with kidnapping, rape, sexual battery and pandering sexual matter involving a minor.

Mr. O’Brien, the prosecutor, said Ms. Lonina had apparently hoped that live-streaming the attack would help to stop it, but that she became enthralled by positive feedback online.

And this line chilled me to the bone:

“She got caught up in the likes,” he said.

According to Lonina’s lawyer, Ms. Lonina told the police that she filmed the encounter to gather evidence of a crime. Mr. Shamansky, who has viewed the Periscope video, said Ms. Lonina made “substantial” efforts to thwart the attack, though he declined to specify them.

I’d love to know what “substantial” efforts she made. Just disgusting. Of course there were extenuating circumstances (maybe Lonina was drunk), but I cannot fathom a person actually filming their friend’s rape.


**The second story repulsed me in a different way: A college student at UC-Berkeley named Khairuldeen Makhzoomi (above) boarded a Southwest Airlines flight in Los Angeles on April 6, bound for Oakland. Before the flight took off, Makhzoomi called an uncle of his in Iraq to tell him about a U.N. event he just attended.

He spoke to the uncle in Arabic. This alarmed a fellow passenger (who of course didn’t speak Arabic and had no idea what Makhzoomi was saying), and the passenger immediately alerted the flight crew. Who then got ahold of the police, who within minutes of the phone call ending escorted Makhzoomi off the flight, where he was then interrogated by the FBI.

This is America, 2016. Where someone speaking Arabic is automatically a terrorist.

Southwest Airlines has yet to apologize.

“All I want is an apology today,” Makhzoomi said. “We as a people, Iraqi, American, Iranian, we share one thing in common, and that is our dignity. If someone tries to take that away from us, we should fight but not with aggression, with knowledge and education. One must stand for his principle.”

2 responses to “The party’s over for Bernie Sanders, and I am sad. A teenager films her friend’s rape and puts it live, on the Web. And a man thrown off an airplane for speaking Arabic

  1. Sad about Bernie, too.

    What does it say about the parents of Marina Lonina? Too think that some kids are being raised to be so callus, streaming it live!!! She should be ostracized and put in jail. And she got ‘likes’!!! I have no words for this…..

    I feel very sorry for him. But people are hyper vigilant these days. All they see are bombings, suicide attacks, executions and ISIS calling for the faithful to conquer the world. Social media does a good job scaring people. It was wrong to put him off the plane, and I’m not making excuses, but it’s a sad fact that some Americans are really afraid of anyone who looks Middle Eastern. Me, I just really like the food.

  2. I would assume in the periscope case that alcohol was involved. Generally you can see what city some one is periscoping from. You would thing that some one watching would have had the sense to call the cops. Of course they would have had no address. The friend’s excuse is just stupid. She could have found something heavy enough to hit the rapist in the head. The rapist has no chance of getting found not guilty.

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