Good News Friday: A powerful salute to Moms of all kinds. Ida Keeling is a badass 100-year-old runner. And a crooked police officer and the man he put away become friends.

And a Happy Friday to you, and more importantly, Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there.

I am ridiculously blessed in this area; I have the best Mom in the world (my own), fantastic Moms in my stepmother and mother-in-law, and my wife is a beautiful, warm and oh-so-caring Mom to our little boy as well.

I was looking for something a little different to salute the millions of great Moms out there, and I think this ad, from Teleflora, qualifies. It shows us Moms in all walks of life, with some great Vince Lombardi quotes thrown in by the voiceover actor. It’s really pretty powerful.

Powerful, sweet, and oh so crucial: Moms rule.

**Next up today, the amazing Ida Keeling, who at 100 years old (soon to be 101) ran a 100-meter dash last week at the Penn Relays, finishing in 1 minutes, 17 seconds, a world record for her age group (OK, there probably weren’t TOO many other competitors in her age group, ever). When Ida was 99, I wrote about her awesomeness, and never thought I’d be writing about her again.

But the century-old Ida then celebrated her race last week by doing pushups (seriously) and talking about her philosophy of life, and staying young.

She continues to amaze. God bless her.


Finally today, the great Steve Hartman from “CBS Sunday Morning” is back with another heartwarming tale of an unlikely friendship.

Jameel McGee was arrested by police officer Andrew Collins in Benton Harbor, Mich. in 2005, for possession of, and dealing drugs. Only, McGee didn’t have any drugs on him at all, and Collins falsified the report of McGee.

McGee ended up doing four years in prison, and Collins was eventually caught and served jail time as well.

Now, they’re co-workers and buddies.

Wait, what? Watch their highly unusual but true story above. I’m not sure if I was McGee I’d have been so forgiving, but it’s great to see something positive come out of something so awful.



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