“Roadies” from Cameron Crowe off to a great start. And The Museum of Broken Relationships a fascinating look at love


If you loved “Almost Famous,” and you wondered what would happen if it was a weekly TV show, only it focused on the backstage road crew instead of Stillwater, you would have “Roadies,” the new Showtime program from Cameron Crowe, the incredible director of “Almost Famous.”

I’m an enormous Cameron Crowe fan. Wait, let me qualify that: I’m an enormous 1980s-2000 Crowe fan, when he made incredible, moving entertainment like “Say Anything,” “Jerry Maguire,” and “Almost Famous.”

Since “Almost Famous,” though, he’s been pretty spotty. I didn’t even see his last flop, “Aloha,” because I’m still recovering from “Elizabethtown” and “We Bought a Zoo,” two terrible flicks.

Happily, though, we watched the premiere of “Roadies” last week before we left on our trip, and the wife and I really liked it.

Starring Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino as leader of the road crew for the fictional “Staton House Band,” “Roadies” has almost all of the good qualities of Crowe’s past works.

Again, just going off the pilot episode, but the dialogue is funny and smart, the acting seems pretty high-quality (we can all agree that Luke Wilson is far better, and less annoying, Wilson brother, right?), and while there are a few groan-inducing cliche moments (really, the financial record company guy is a jerk, who would’ve seen that coming?), I think “Roadies” definitely has potential.

Showtime, 10 p.m., Sunday nights.

One more thing: Please, Cameron Crowe, if you really love your fans, give us a Stillwater shout-out on one of these episodes. You know, just a Jeff Beebe reference or a Russell Hammond T-shirt with the rest of the band all fuzzy in the background.

**Next up today, I thought this was pretty fascinating.  In Hollywood a new museum has been opened up, based on an original museum in Europe, filled with artifacts people have kept from relationships of the past.

It’s called The Museum of Broken Relationships, and while it sounds like a Green Day song, it’s a real place.

Listen to some of the people interviewed in this short “CBS Sunday Morning” piece, and you can tell that these past loves still mean a lot to people.

Very cool. I’d definitely visit this place. And if they want any artifacts from my past relationships, well, all they’ve got to do is ask

**Finally today, I thought this was very cool. A 15-year-old girl named Karinya Chen, who suffers from cancer,  loves the rock group Florence and the Machine was supposed to see them in concert in Austin, Texas recently.

But she ended up getting quite sick and was confined to hospice care.

Lead singer Florence Welch heard about Chen’s illness, and ended up coming to the hospice care location the following day with guitarist Rob Ackroyd to perform a “private concert” in her room.

Check out the video above; very very cool gesture.

One response to ““Roadies” from Cameron Crowe off to a great start. And The Museum of Broken Relationships a fascinating look at love

  1. Thought about Jeff’s blog after reading about that girl. Like Jeff I don’t want to hear about God’s plan. No one should have to go through what she is going through. I have never seen a 15 year old that thin. I am guessing it must be from cancer and that she is not getting a lot of nourishment.

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