Daily Archives: July 6, 2016

Iceland’s soccer team gets an amazing welcome home. A beautiful PSA about patriotism. And the new device that doesn’t let your spouse cheat with Netflix

OK, so I’ve been a little sports-distracted lately with Wimbledon and our trip to London and Kevin Durant (not a fan of his moving to Golden State, I don’t think it’s going to be as easy for them to win the NBA title as everyone thinks because they STILL don’t have a center, but hey, America’s a free country until President Trump gets elected so L’chaim, Kevin!) but I’ve really, really been meaning to write something about this incredible Iceland soccer team phenomenon.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, Iceland, a nation of 330,000 people, and heretofore known in the international sports community for … um… yeah, not much, just finished a remarkable run at the Euro 2016 soccer championships.

Never having been on a big stage before, the Iceland team advanced all the way to the quarterfinals, stunning England (England!) before finally losing on Sunday to France, 5-2.

There were many, many awesome things about this Iceland team; their assistant coach was a dentist, 99.8 percent of the country’s TV’s were tuned in to the Iceland-England game (what were those other 0.2 percent watching?), the fact that 10 percent of the nation’s population traveled to France for the tournament, and their sheer wonder and joy at winning.

But my favorite thing was the Viking War Chant that they adopted, and how the players and fans embraced it. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in sports, and when the team returned home thousands of fans greeted the players for a rally.

The video above, from the rally, gave me chills. How freaking cool is that chant? Look at the size of that crowd at the 1:00 mark! Such a wonderful, pure sports moment.

**Next up today, it’s rare that a PSA goes viral, but when this Patriotism video from the group “No Labels”  starring WWE wrestler John Cena showed up all over my social media, I knew it was worth watching.

The messages contained herein ought to give the Donald Trump voting wing of America some pause. They’re not “getting their country back.” It belongs to all of us now, not just white men.

Really beautifully done video.


**And finally today, this is one of those stories that I couldn’t believe it was real, that someone would actually think to invent something like this. But it’s real, and it’s glorious.

So many of us in relationships binge-watch TV shows together, and the temptation to keep watching while your partner is sleeping or at work is enormous (when me and my beloved were in the midst of “Breaking Bad,” it took all the willpower I had not to watch without her).

But “binge-cheating” is apparently a real problem, so a solution has been found!

The U.K. ice cream brand Cornetto aims to combat the issue with “commitment rings,” wearable tech that features near-field communication (NFC) that links the rings to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon or Hulu for six months.

Crazy, right? So here’s how it works: Users register the rings through an app and choose what shows they want to watch together. If the rings are not close to one another, the app will block the series from being watched. Cornetto has advertised the rings with the tag line, “Love should last more than one season.”

I think this is fabulous, though I can’t imagine many people will buy it.

Because let’s face it, love means finding out how awful Frank Underwood is together, not alone.