The Joe McKnight murder proves once again the incredible race divide in the criminal justice system. An amazing play wins a state title in N.J. And thoughts on the amazing Raiders, the surprising Bucs, and the pitiful Niners


The next time someone tells you the criminal justice system in America works the same for everybody, before you start fuming, tell them a little about the murder of Joe McKnight last week.

Maybe you heard about it. McKnight, 28, is a former college star at USC and NFL player for a few years, and was an African-American living in his hometown of New Orleans. He was involved in an apparent road-rage incident with a 54-year-old white male named Ronald Gasser.
McKnight was unarmed. Gasser shot him three times and killed him. Gasser stayed at the scene, handed his weapon to police, and was arrested.

Gasser walked out of jail on bail less than 24 hours later. He has not yet been charged with a crime.

The outrage I feel about this is palpable. But my friend Kelly Markowitz said it better on her Facebook page better than I could.

So take it away, Kelly…

“Close your eyes and imagine if the victim was white and the shooter was black. Never would the accused have been released without being charged. Actually if this scene had played out and the races were reversed, it’s likely the accused shooter would have been shot himself by police officers. NO gun on the victim! What will it take for the general population to acknowledge and feel the injustice?

Yes, there is something called white privilege … You’d think after 11 generations of African Americans living as slaves we could somehow start moving forward and act like civilized human beings. But no, while we no longer have slavery, bigoted white people still can’t seem to grow the fuck up and acknowledge their inhumane and evil past, yet they continue the tradition of racism, bigotry and inequality. Hey, guess what? Yes, we all look different. Just because you have blonde hair or have pale skin doesn’t make you superior or entitle to special treatment. And if you think so, you’re an idiot.”

What she said.

It is unfathomable that a black man who shot a white man in a road rage incident would be let out of jail immediately. Oh, don’t give me bunk about Louisiana’s “Stand Your Ground” law and how they’re still gathering evidence, yada yada yada.

Pure horse-crap. White man murders unarmed black man in broad daylight, isn’t even in jail for two days.

“Everybody wants to make this about race. This isn’t about race,” Sheriff Newell Normand said.

Nah. Of course not, Newell. Just despicable.

**Next up today, this time of year is great for seeing epic plays that win state championships and stuff. How about this on Saturday from Mater Dei Catholic in New Jersey, to beat Holy Spirit in the Non-Public Group 2 championship game? That happened with four seconds left in the game.
You know those kids practiced this all year and were like, “No way coach EVER calls this in a game!”


**Somebody rouse Ken Stabler from the grave, and go tell Fred Biletnikoff and Jack Tatum the news: The Oakland Raiders are a full-fledged beast again.

Are you aware they’re now the No.1 seed in the AFC, and if the season ended today they’d have homefield throughout the playoffs? I know it was just Buffalo on Sunday, but the Raiders roared back from a 24-9 deficit and demolished the Rex Ryans, 38-24.

They’re 10-2. Haven’t had a winning season since the year after 9/11, for crying out loud. They’ve got an exciting young team, a rabid fan base… and so of course it looks like they’re going to move to Las Vegas soon.

Ah, sports.

— Yet another way the longer extra point, and the 2-point conversion, have made football more exciting: Atlanta scores to go ahead of Kansas City late in the 4th quarter, 28-27. They go for two to give themselves a three-point lead, only the Chiefs’ Eric Berry intercepts the 2-point pass and goes the other way for two points, and suddenly K.C. is back up and they win the game by those points. Nuts.

— Raiders-Chiefs for AFC West supremacy Thursday night. First good Thursday night game, maybe ever.

— Larry Fitzgerald is one hell of a player. Third all-time in receptions now after Sunday. And he’s a sportswriter’s kid. Gotta be the best athlete progeny an ink-stained wretch has ever produced.

— So the Giants finally play a decent football team and get smacked. Very interested to see how they play Dallas next Sunday night.

— Finally, a few words about Chip Kelly and his 1-11 San Francisco 49ers. I really, really thought he got a raw deal in Philly. I thought he was an innovator and someone who, like Jimmy Johnson, would come from college and change the NFL a bit.
They got whipped Sunday by the 2-9 Bears.
So I’m starting to have doubts about Mr. Kelly’s genius.


2 responses to “The Joe McKnight murder proves once again the incredible race divide in the criminal justice system. An amazing play wins a state title in N.J. And thoughts on the amazing Raiders, the surprising Bucs, and the pitiful Niners

  1. awesome as always…what Kelly Markowitz said…..murder is murder……and GO BEARS…..

  2. About the Bears, many of the sports writers said they should tank the game to get a better draft position. While the fans can hope that happens it’s a terrible message to send to the team. They are competitors after all. I had forgotten about this, but they took Erick Kramer out of a game after the 1st half and put in Rick Mier (first round bust I beleive) and took out some defensive players as well. This was late in the season. They ended up winning the game and then 3 more and took themselves out of a possible shot of drafting Manning. Knowing the Bears they probably would have taken leaf. As for the Chiefs – Raiders, it will be a good Thursday night game, However it probably would be better if they had a full weeks rest.

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