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Happy Christmakah! The origin story of the most awesome “Secret Santa” is revealed. A Notre Dame basketball player gets an awesome soldier/brother reunion. And what you do if letters to Santa come to your house: Answer every one


And a happy Christmakah to all of you out there on the Interwebs. Hope wherever you are this weekend, you are celebrating the rare intertwining of Christmas, Hanukkah and Festivus (“now for the tests of strength! And then the airing of grievances!”) with loved ones and that you’re safe and warm. I’m going to be at the in-laws and my little guy’s mind will be blown at some of the presents he’s getting, which I guess is the whole point.

First up on a holiday-themed Good News Friday, I love this paying it forward story. A New York City couple kept getting letters addressed to Santa Claus every December, but only a few would arrive. Then in 2010 they got approximately 450, and decided something had to be done.

So Jim Glaub and Dylan Parker enlisted friends and family and social media to try to help answer and fulfill the wishes of the children, who all lived in New York City. The first year, they answered 150 of them, sending toys along the way.

After that, Parker and Glaub and friends answered every letter, every year. Fulfilling so many wishes and making so many dreams come true. A beautiful idea.

One things for sure – as long as letters keep coming, Glaub and Parker will work to get them answered. “Now it’s gotten to the point where we can’t not do it,” Glaub says. “We have to do it. It’s just part of our lives.”

So great.

**Next up, Matt Ferrell is a college basketball player for the University of Notre Dame. His brother Bo is a soldier stationed in Afghanistan. Bo sent Matt a message before a recent game, from what Matt thought was Afghanistan. Not so much…

I love these videos. I haven’t seen or posted a great one in awhile, but this one definitely gave me all the feels, as the kids say.

That hug says so much…

**And finally today, every year I think I post the annual story that Steve Hartman of “CBS Sunday Morning” does on a Secret Santa in Kansas, who travels around the country each December handing out $100 bills to random strangers, who of course go nuts with gratitude and excitement.

But how did this beautiful human being start doing this? This year Hartman brought us that story. So great what some people are willing to do for their friends…

And here’s video of this year’s Secret Santa trip, with Hartman aboard. Getting the police involved is a stroke of genius.

Happy holidays, everyone!