Anger, joy, sadness: So many thoughts from another Trump-ruined weekend. A Monty Python video to make you laugh. And an epic Aussie Open ends with Federer and Serena on top


I really don’t even know where to begin.

Since Friday afternoon, when the current leader of our country signed an incredibly cruel, stupid and inhumane executive order barring citizens from seven nations from entering the U.S., and also inexplicably banned legal residents with green cards, until Sunday night, when I beamed with pride looking at all of the protests (and one big ACLU legal victory) across America at what that president has done, I’ve had so many emotions and thoughts running through me.

Fear. Anger. Sadness. Pure joy (that’s when I was watching the Australian Open tennis, more on that later). Frustration.

I don’t know how coherent any of this is in my head right now, but the only way I think I can try to be semi-intelligent on this is through some bullet-points thoughts.

So here goes, on yet another almost-unprecedented weekend (I’m imagining this is a little bit like what the mid-1960s felt like, and not I’m not equating the two eras .. yet)

— The first thing I could not get over Friday was how fast this executive order from the White House was implemented and had its effect. Do you realize that government never, ever works this fast? I mean, it takes days, weeks, months to get anything done, whether it’s legislation, or just a trip to the DMV. Yet somehow at 4:30 p.m. on a Friday the President signs a piece of paper and suddenly the entire federal government apparatus at airports and other border checkpoints springs to life and begins detaining anyone from those nations on Trump’s order, as well as legal green-card residents trying to get back into the country.

The speed and power of how this happened should frighten the hell out of any American.
One other quick point: I see lots of people calling this a “Muslim ban.” Trump is not banning ALL Muslims from entering the U.S. It’s not a Muslim ban. No need to make it worse than it is when it’s already terrible.
Besides, the full “Muslim ban” is probably still ahead of us from Trump.

— One of the many unbelievable parts of the executive order was that legal green-card U.S. residents were detained, including 88 and 83-year-old Iranian green card holders who were detained for 17 hours at the airport. You have a new administration refusing to allow people who are LEGALLY allowed to be in America access. It took 48 hours but the Homeland Security secretary, John Kelly, said Friday night that green-card holders should be allowed back in.

Wow, what a hell of a compassionate stance. Put him up for sainthood.


— Two quick facts that help to illustrate how ridiculous Trump and Bannon’s “this will keep us safe from terrorism” bullshit is:

1. It’s worth noting that South Carolina born terrorists killed more Americans on US soil in last decade than terrorists from the 7 named countries.

2. There have been 3.2 million refugees admitted to the U.S. since 1975. 0.00062% of them committed terrorist acts, killing a total of three Americans.

So, you know, those are my “alternative facts.”

— The airport protests were fantastic, all across the country, Americans coming together to protest the grotesque and inhumane treatment refugees were receiving, and protesting that so many people here legally (there’s that pesky word again). I loved the passion, the chanting, the sheer “we can’t let them get away with this” attitude.

I wonder if this is what it’s going to be like for a while, every week a new Trump administration atrocity, and every week new protests.  As an anonymous Twitter person said Sunday: “If you’re looking for something to invest in during the Trump presidency, I think the poster board market is going to hold up pretty well.”

— So oh yeah, while everyone was rightfully pissed at the executive order, two other huge and awful things happened from the White House. First, and this is pretty inexplicable, the White House didn’t mention Jews in their statement commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day because, and I quote spokeswoman Hope Hicks here, “because we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all those who suffered.”

Wow. I mean… wow. Six million Jews killed, and you don’t mention them on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Shameful. The other huge deal that is getting less attention is that Stephen Bannon, the white supremicist (sorry, “nationalist”) who is basically running the White House has been named to the National Security Council while two other high-ranking security officials are told they can only go to some meetings. This is unprecedented, and wildly dangerous. For why, read this and get chills.

–Finally, I don’t ever wanna hear a Republican talk about a Democratic president overreaching, ever again in my life. That was the one of their huge complaints about Obama. Go ahead and tell me how Trump/Bannon aren’t acting like dictators right about now.

**And now, because I think we ALL need something completely pointless and hysterical today, I give you my favorite Monty Python sketch ever, the iconic “Black Knight.” I’ve seen it 100 times, still makes me laugh every time. “OK, we’ll call it a draw then.”


**Finally today, this weekend’s Australian Open finals, as I alluded to earlier, brought me much joy. Sure, I was rooting for older sister Venus to beat Serena on Saturday morning in the women’s final, but it was a competitive match and hey, Serena is an incredible player and as I’ve said before, clearly now the greatest female to ever play this sport.

Sunday morning, my goodness, what a match. I don’t want to gush on too long about the great Roger Federer because this post is super-long already, but what a tremendous show he and Rafael Nadal, his greatest rival, put on. Five sets, back and forth, one of their best matches ever, plot twists aplenty in the fifth set, Federer getting down 3-1 and me getting pretty upset as I paced the room… and then somehow the Swiss master found a way.

The greatest men’s player ever won five straight games over as good a competitor as the sport has right now. Somehow, despite being 35, coming off a six-month layoff and being deep in the fifth set, Federer pulled it out.

There’s so much about him to admire, but how about this quote from Federer: “Tennis is a tough sport and we don’t have draws but if I could have shared it today with Rafa I would have taken a draw.
“Keep playing Rafa, please. Tennis needs you. Thank you for everything you do.”

We are so, so fortunate to be tennis fans in this age of Federer and Nadal, two supreme sportsmen who have a wonderful rivalry and are both thoroughly decent human beings.

Eighteen Grand Slam singles titles for Roger Federer. What a champion.

4 responses to “Anger, joy, sadness: So many thoughts from another Trump-ruined weekend. A Monty Python video to make you laugh. And an epic Aussie Open ends with Federer and Serena on top

  1. Matthew D. McGuire

    I am so angry right now. I have incredibly negative feelings about this country and its future. I have never felt this way about my country before. I want to scream at these idiots who support the President’s action by saying that he is doing it to make our country safer. Boy the Kennedy Library in Boston is going to have such a ceremony when it awards the Profile in Courage Award to all the Republican members of Congress who stood up to Trump and this order. What a bunch of spineless cowards, I can’t even come up with words to describe my feelings on his statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day. Inexcusable.

    If he wants to make our country safer please explain putting a racist unqualified disgusting piece of garbage (too strong?) on the NSC but he removes the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the the head of National intelligence. So angry now I am stuttering. Sorry feeling very ranty today.

    Must focus on positives my favorite football is playing in the Super Bowl but their best player and owner are stooges for the President. Now I can’t even enjoy this.

  2. Art meets life in the Python sketch:
    Trump: “I am invincible!”
    America: “You’re a loony.”

  3. Shame on you…..are you really supporting the beating and violence against Trump supporters? Videos of middle aged men getting stomped by rapid anti-Trumpers at the airports. Is violence OK in any situation? NO. A quiet and peaceful protest is so much more effective, see Tokyo, Istanbul, Hong Kong……this will NOT help the cause…..this animalistic behavior will only drive more people into the Trump camp. Some states are open carry……do the protesters think gun owners won’t use deadly force? They will here and it will be legal. But notice, no protests in open carry states. BTW – I will be protesting the wall on The Tohono O’odham Nation’s reservation and will probably get arrested, I feel that strongly, but I’ll refuse to take part if any violence occurs. Real protesters will work behind the scenes to get more done at the local and state levels.
    Holocaust Remembrance Day – Trump’s an asshole. I remember every year…one of my middle school friend’s dad had the tattoo from Auschwitz. He shared his stories with us. I will never forget. I think of him often, even today, as he was kind and caring. As a young person I thought he was very brave, still do. Now I’m making myself cry……
    Stephen Bannon. Great, an alcoholic in the Whitehouse, does it get any worse?
    Michael, please know I love you and these posts are only my views, but I respect yours.
    (PS. I hope we impeach the Donald, the sooner the better)
    I would have voted for Bill Clinton, Bush or Reagan rather than the Orange Menace. I’m more on your side than you think, but how sad that now we have ‘sides.’
    As always, love to all……..

  4. sanford sklansky

    I think Trump referred to the shooting at the Mosque in Quebec in a tweet. To paraphrase that is why the ban is for safety. Of course it was a white guy that did that. I don’t know if this is true, but I saw that this ban also prevents 140,000 jews that were living in the countries affected would not be allowed in either. I also saw that it is about even as to support and opposition to the ban.

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