Daily Archives: March 6, 2017

Our lone-wolf President goes on a dangerous Tweetstorm, by himself again. A very cool video about how tennis balls are made. And Duke and Carolina play another classic (the wrong blue won)


This is how it’s going to be, because this is all he knows how to do.

Once again over the weekend, our President was bored on a Saturday morning, alone at his WASP castle in Florida, frustrated by poor poll numbers and the deepening quicksand of his administration’s ties to Ivan Drago’s homeland.

His normal “babysitters” Ivanka and her husband Jared, aren’t available on Saturdays because they’re Jewish and observe the Sabbath and don’t use electronic devices for 24 hours, and so Donald Trump’s most nutty utterances usually happen on Saturdays. (As a commenter on Twitter pointed out, the man needs a Shabbat babysitter. Clearly someone in America can help out here)

And so this giant baby of a man throws out an entirely fact-free and ridiculous assertion that the former President single-handedly ordered the Justice Dept. to wiretap the phones at Trump Tower last year.

It’s tempting, really tempting, to listen to the narrative many have advised over the past several months, that we shouldn’t react to every insane utterance, every madman theory that he throws out. That we’re just giving him what he wants, to be talked about and get people stirred up.

But I can’t ignore it. Because this man was a sideshow clown for most of the past 30 years, and now he’s the actual President of the actual United States, and he has an incredible amount of power. Never before has America entrusted so high an office to such an unqualified, mentally deranged person. And that’s what he is.

He doesn’t know how to lead, how to govern, any of that.

He just knows how to be the Boy who Cried Wolf: He gets a bunch of matches and a bunch of sticks and tries to light a fire, and when that doesn’t work he just throws so much mud at the wall and hoping that even a fraction of it sticks.

Sunday afternoon, the director of the FBI asked the Dept. of Justice to make a public statement saying the President of the U.S. lied to Americans. THIS. IS. NOT. NORMAL.

And we can’t ignore it, we can’t stop reacting to it, because the danger is real, as long as a madman sits in the Oval Office.

God save us all.

**Next up today, I love the website Mental Floss so much because they’re always teaching me things or showing me videos of how things work. I’ve played tennis for 35 of my 41 years on Earth and I’d truly never thought about how a tennis ball gets made. But thanks to this remarkable short video by a guy named Benedict Redgrave from the inside of a Wilson tennis ball factory, we get to see the process up close from start to finish.

Two things immediately jumped out at me: 1, I can’t believe how much “human hands” still do a lot of the work, and 2, I would watch 45 more minutes of this. Really fantastic stuff here.

**Finally today, Saturday night was another classic installment in the greatest rivalry in American sports, Duke-North Carolina. It was a thrilling game featuring incredible shot-making, terrific defensive plays, and so, so much intensity.

The wrong shade of blue won (at least I think it’s the wrong shade of blue), but Duke played tremendously. I’m thrilled Amile Jefferson and Grayson Allen look healthy-ish, that Luke Kennard plays for the Blue Devils and is awesome, and that I get to see the whole ACC Tournament up-close this week as it comes to Brooklyn (I have no Earthly idea why they moved it here for two years but I’m thrilled I get to see it and make some freelance coin at the same time).

Anyway, Duke-Carolina was awesome, the Heels deserved to win, but also awesome is this fan video a Duke student named Jackson Steger made. It’s a tribute to the late Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah,” set to Duke-Carolina highlights, and I thought it was just about perfect.