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Good News Friday: A little girl gives out bracelets and hugs, trying to change the world. Teacher Appreciation week inspires cool gifts. And a Cubs star makes a huge gift to a children’s cancer hospital

And a Happy Friday to all of you out there in Internet-Land. Your humble blogger is heading to Orlando this weekend for my stepsister’s wedding, and I’m also getting to see some old friends I haven’t seen in while, so I’m very excited. Lots of good news going on this week to counter all the insanity in Washington, D.C…

First up, as a substitute teacher and the child of two retired teachers I know how rarely teachers get appreciated, so whoever came up with Teacher Apprecation Week, bravo. The folks at Upworthy.com chronicled a whole bunch of fantastic teacher tributes that went on around the country, including the photo above for Mrs. Farvour in Wisconsin.

Check out all the photos and Tweets at the Upworthy story; and remember for a minute the teacher that changed your life

I always think of mine when I talk about teachers;  I wrote this back in 2009 about the teacher who I admired most.

**Next up, an amazing little girl named Leah Nelson of Sacramento, Calif. has started an organization called “Becuz I Care,” where she makes Rainbow Loom bracelets (made of rubber bands) and sends them to people to encourage them to do good deeds.

As she explained to Today.com last year, “You don’t have to buy anything,” Leah told TODAY Parents. “Just whenever you do something kind, you pass it on, and you ask them to pay it forward as well by passing on the bracelet when they do something kind for someone else.”

Leah and her family also raise money to help those in need, and sometimes just do things like this, a video that blew me away. Watch Leah approach a clearly distressed woman and make her day:

Just tremendous. You go, Leah. What an amazing child.

**Finally today, another athlete who has always seemed to “get it” is Cubs star Anthony Rizzo. He’s a smart, funny dude who in just a few years in Chicago has become a big star and pretty close to universally beloved.

Stuff like this helps: Rizzo just pledged $3.5 million to a Chicago children’s hospital, the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

The Hope 44 Endowed Fund will provide grants on a case-by-case basis for families facing financial hardship due to unexpected needs resulting from a child’s treatment for cancer. These expenses include but are not limited to: insurance copays, meals, parking, rent, utility bills and child care for siblings.

The fund will enable oncology social workers to immediately assess a family’s need for assistance, without restrictions on a patient’s age or stage in diagnosis or the need for a formal application. A number of patients’ families have benefitted from the Rizzo Foundation’s Hope 44 Fund, which has already granted approximately $75,000 to offset these types of expenses.

Rizzo is a cancer survivor himself, and to see him giving back like this is phenomenal.