The latest version of the “Daddy Chronicles,” starring a slightly-OCD, still wildly happy almost 3-year-old

And a Happy Friday to all of you! Lots of good going on in the world right now (and lots of bad), but I wanted to write a little bit about my little guy this week; it’s been about two months since I’ve done one of these so lots to catch up on; he’s got his driver’s license now, working 40 hours a week, you know, the usual 2-year-old stuff.

And away we go…

— So we’ve taken two big trips with the little guy since I’ve last written about him, one to California for 10 days, and one to Florida for five. He was great on all the airplanes, and couldn’t be more excited at the terminal seeing other planes take off and land (“There’s another one!” he’d shout.)

He did and said lots of funny things on the trips, but one stands out. So for the past nine months or so, Nate has been going to sleep with one of his empty straw cups next to him in the crib. He doesn’t fall asleep chewing or sucking on it or anything, it’s just kind of a security blanket thing. Every night after he falls asleep my wife or I take the cup out of his crib so he doesn’t roll over on it and wake/injure himself. Never in all that time did he, upon waking the next morning, wonder where his cup had gone.

Until about three weeks ago, when for two weeks his first question upon waking was ‘Where’s my cup?”

So we’re in Florida, he’s sleeping on a toddler mattress in the living room area of our hotel room, and one day he’s up earlier than usual. I stumble over, half-asleep, and literally the first thing he says to me:
“Daddy, let me ask you a question: Do you know where my cup is?”

I practically fell over with shock. “Let me ask you a question” is a phrase he’s obviously heard my wife and I use, but him saying it like that, I got this mental image of the old TV show “Colombo” and Peter Falk turning around and asking the bad guy “just one more thing.”

— I don’t want to say my kid has OCD, but he does some really odd (to me) things. Like spent 10 minutes helping his mother make our bed just right. Or, when he gets a fruit cup in a restaurant, takes out every piece of fruit individually and lines them up by type on his placemat, and only then eats them. He also loves lining up his books just so. Highly entertaining to see him sometimes be all neat, because he certainly doesn’t do it all the time, nor does he get a neatness gene from me

— He’s obsessed with school buses, trams and dogs lately. We’ve lived near a tram in the sky his whole life, but it’s like he just discovered them three weeks ago. He also delighted in Long Island Expressway traffic two weeks ago because we kept passing and then falling behind a big yellow school bus. “Pass another one!” he shrieks from the back seat.

And every cardboard box that comes in to the apartment is cause for great joy.

— His diet has not expanded really at all in the last 6 months; his staples continue to be grilled cheese, pasta with sauce and parmesan cheese, pizza and just about every fruit. The boy loves cheese so much you’d swear he was born in Wisconsin, but oddly, he takes the cheese off his pizza and eats just the sauce and dough. Go ahead, explain that to me, parenting experts.

— He’s continuing to be incredibly verbal, and also incredibly stubborn and loves to sometimes tell us what to do. If I tell him I’m cooking dinner, and then Shelley gets home and I start talking to her for a minute, he’ll yell ‘Daddy, go cook!” Or if I tell him we have to go somewhere soon and Daddy’s going to shower, and then I get distracted doing something else, he’ll yell “Daddy, go shower!” (OK when he does that it’s actually helpful.)

— Maybe my favorite thing over the past few months is watching how he is sharing better with other kids. Sure, he still gets possessive at the playground and at home when he’s playing on a toy or truck and some other kid wants it, but for the most part he’s really good at sharing. He and his BFF Keira, this incredibly bubbly and sweet 3-year-old, are adorable when they take a drink at the water fountain, or ride a tricycle, and then say “It’s Nate’s turn!” or “It’s Keira’s turn.” The two of them have a squealing and laughing frequency that I think only dogs and Mariah Carey can reach.

But for real, watching him learn to share has been so incredible.


2 responses to “The latest version of the “Daddy Chronicles,” starring a slightly-OCD, still wildly happy almost 3-year-old

  1. YEA…….more Nate photos. Please keep up your “Daddy Chronicles.” They’re my favorite columns. How sweet how fun. Seeing the world thru a child’s eyes is amazing……so happy for you guys and the next one. Know I keep you all in my thoughts and send love and happiness……..

  2. From what I can determine, your son does have OCD….Overly Cute Demeanor.

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