The fugitive who just loved karaoke a little too much. Jerry Seinfeld refuses to hug Ke$ha and it’s hilarious. And a fantastic story about the actors who played the kids in “The Wire.”

Some criminals just deserve to get caught, as I learned many, many times during my time as a newspaper reporter.

But the way this guy got caught may be one of my all-time favorites. Now, I want to make very clear before I tell you about this story that I absolutely don’t condone or mean to make light of the very serious crime this individual is alleged to have committed.

It’s just the way he was caught that made me laugh.

Ronald Duby Jr., is a 43-year-old New Hampshire man who was wanted by police. He had recently been featured as “Fugitive of the Week” on a TV station in the state (I could do 500 words just on TV stations having “Fugitive of the Week” segments; I mean, is that like a thing you put on your resume if you’re chosen? Do the news directors of the station sit around and try to figure out the most photogenic criminal, or the guy with the weirdest crime, or what? Are there different rounds of voting, with different criminals eliminated until one is left standing?)

Anyway, seems Ronald should’ve been keeping a low profile for a while, maybe not go out in public too much seeing as how he was just on the news at all.

But no, Ronald just needed, wanted, HAD TO sing. Singing was in his blood, his veins, and dammit, he was going to his Journey or Justin Bieber cover no matter the consequences.

The best part is that Ronald had heard about an upcoming karaoke contest and Tweeted at the DJ running the event, Bernie Del Llano, a few days before.

“He contacted me and said, ‘Where are you going to be for karaoke? Where are you hosting your shows? I can’t be in New Hampshire. I have to be in Massachusetts,'” Llano told CBS Boston. “That gave me the first inclination. I didn’t think he’d actually show up!”

So Ronald went to a bar in Chelmsford, Mass., and decided to get up on stage. It was then that Llano recognized Ronald and called police, who soon arrested him.

Ronald was wanted by police because he failed to register as a sex offender after being convicted of felonious sexual assault on a person under the age of 13.

Disgusting, disgusting crime. Ronald, bubeleh, stay off the stage for a while please.

Karaoke, it’ll cause you more trouble than it’s worth, I tell ya.

**Next up today, I love Jerry Seinfeld for many reasons, but one of them is just that he is who he is, and hasn’t changed at all. One absolutely true-to-life detail of his character on “Seinfeld” is that he hates being hugged or touched; he’s just not a people person.

Well, Monday night at a charity event, Seinfeld was being interviewed when the singer Ke$ha ran over and interrupted, said she’s a big fan, and wanted to give him a hug.

Jerry’s reaction is priceless. He will not do it, partly because he doesn’t recognize her, but also because he just doesn’t want to be hugged.

God bless Jerry Seinfeld, and don’t ever change.

**Finally today, it’s been a while since I’ve written about the greatest show in the history of television, “The Wire,” but this story I thought was spectacular.

A writer for The Ringer website named Alan Siegel caught up with the four young actors who played the troubled teenagers in the epic Season 4 story arc of the show, asking them about the real-life consequences and lessons learned from being thrust into that role, as well as examining how shining a light on Baltimore inner-city schools changed things (or sadly, didn’t.)

This is a really fascinating article, especially looking at how, as bleak as inner-city schools looked in the show, the reality is that things may be even worse now.

And because I can’t resist running at least one “The Wire” clip when I talk about the show, here you go… I can’t decide if Omar’s quote at :22 or Carcetti’s at 1:43 or Prezbo’s at 1:49 is my favorite.


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  1. you always make my day… u 4 that

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