Good News Friday: A choir of homeless people plays Carnegie Hall. A toddler helps his baby brother out of a crib, ingeniously. And a Dad interviews his daughters on first day of school, every day for 12 years.

And a Happy Friday to you, my fellow Earthlings. So much bad news in the world this week, but thankfully there was also plenty of good news to choose from, not the least of which is that ABC is bringing “Battle of the Network Stars” back! The greatest 1970s cheesy TV show ever is returning in two weeks, but very sadly, it will not pit stars of “NCIS” against “Blackish” but rather ridiculously, will have actual 1970s and ’80s TV stars competing against each other. I’m sorry, but I enjoyed seeing Erik Estrada and Charlene Tilton competing in the tug-of-war when they were actually young and fit, not when they’re now getting AARP cards.

Anyway, I’m still excited for it. But we begin today with a beautiful story out of Dallas. Meet the Dallas Street Choir, a music group like few others. It’s members are homeless, but certainly not voiceless. They were founded several years ago by a Texas conductor named Jonathan Palant, after he volunteered at a homeless shelter. The members aren’t always on key, but their message is always positive, and hopeful.

We may be homeless, but we’re not voiceless,” choir member Michael Brown said at a rehearsal Tuesday, “so let’s use our effort to remind people that we still have hope and it will never die.”

The Dallas Street Choir had its biggest stage yet this week; on Wednesday night they performed at Carnegie Hall here in New York. They were joined by other homeless people from the Big Apple, as well as a few world-class musicians. The legendary venue sold out, and Thursday night the choir performed at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Watch this video of choir members explaining their motivations and how much being in the choir has changed them. Just so inspiring.

**Next up today, this cracked me up to no end. Oliver, a creative toddler, wants his baby brother Finn to play with him. Finn is stuck in his crib and can’t climb out to play. So Oliver comes over and within a few seconds, figures out a way to help.

Then Oliver directs Finn on how to “escape.” Man, brothers can get into a lot of trouble together…

**And finally today, if you’re a parent, get the tissues ready now. Trust me.

A Seattle man named Kevin Scruggs has two teenage daughters, and about 12 years ago he had an idea: He interviewed his daughters on the first day of school, every year, and filmed their thoughts. Then, with oldest daughter MacKenzie graduating high school this year, he spliced the video together, and gives us three minutes of tearduct-activating beauty.

Look, my little guy is only starting pre-school this September and this video had my wife and I crying. What a fabulous idea Scruggs had; can’t wait to see the one for his other daughter in a few years.



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