Daily Archives: July 7, 2017

A hard-working man gets a generous gift from a stranger, changing his life. John Oliver makes a hilarious “movie” about President Harding. And dogs doing lots of funny stuff

And a Happy Friday to you out there in sweltering Web-land, well, I’m sure it’s sweltering somewhere where ever you are.

Lots of good stuff in Good News Friday this week, but this may be my favorite story of the week. A 20-year-old African-American man named Justin Korva was spotted walking to work in 95-degree Texas heat recently by a guy named Andy Mitchell.

Mitchell offered him a ride, and while driving Korva to work at Taco Casa, Mitchell discovered the young man normally walked three miles to work and home again every day. Korva said he was determined to save up money and someday, he hoped, he would be able to afford a car.

Well, Mitchell was very impressed with Korva’s dedication and posted about him on Facebook. One thing led to another, and, well, just watch this video and go grab a Kleenex.

So, so great. The full details of the story are here.

**Next up today, this is one of the most hilarious segments John Oliver has done in a while. When he and his staff got word the Presidential Wax Museum was shutting down, they of course sprung into action, buying five of them.

But it’s what they planned to do with the wax statue of Warren G. Harding that makes this segment awesome. Starring Anna Kendrick, Campbell Scott, Michael McKeon and others, it’s “Harding.” And it’s fantastic.

**Finally today, my wife found this video on the Facebook page of an organization called The Mind Awakened, and I think it’s pretty hilarious.

Inside the brain of dogs, a few examples showing that maybe, just maybe, they’re not the brightest animals in the kingdom. But they sure are funny.