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A rare good election night for Democrats has me cautiously optimistic. Three idiot UCLA basketball players about to encounter the China justice system. And Tom Hanks helps a man propose, awesomely

The last few election cycles, it’s been really hard being a Democrat.

Our candidates have been pummeled almost nationwide, losing local, state and oh yeah, federal races with pretty alarming regularity. It’s been so bad. Need I remind you about who the bigoted, sexual-assaulting man who currently inhabits the Oval Office is? He ain’t a Democrat.

So Tuesday night, after a long but great day for us featuring my new son’s bris (more on that Friday, I promise there’ll be no photos of the snipping), I was happy to, for once, see some Democrats doing well and winning races.

Way too early to say this is a rebuke of Trump and the GOP by America, but encouraging signs nonetheless.

Some quick thoughts on a rare election night when I’m happy:

— Let’s relax with all the “the Dems are back and will take back the Senate in 2018!” stories, national media. I saw way too many of those in just a brief look around Twitter Tuesday night (and geez, I’m so glad Twitter now gave everyone 280 characters. I’m sure it’ll lead to saner Trump Tweets).

Of course it’s good that Democrats won some races. But for a real, legitimate sign things are turning, let’s at least see what happens on Dec. 12, when batshit crazy former judge Roy Moore, who’s to the right of even Ted Cruz for God’s sake, is on the ballot for a U.S. Senate seat against Democrat Doug Jones. That’s a race that could have huge national implications.

Still, it was nice to go to bed feeling that maybe, maybe things were turning around. As horrible as Trump has been and will continue to be, maybe he will end up reviving the Democratic party nationally. With wins in the governor’s races in New Jersey (bye bye Chris Christie, we’ll miss you so much!) and Virginia, two blows were struck against awful ideas and intolerance.

Baby steps. But important ones. A few more election thoughts…

— A couple of very uplifting and cool election results from Virginia Tuesday, besides Democrat Ralph Northam winning the Governorship. First, in a beautiful piece of truth being more interesting than fiction, Virginia elected its first-ever trans woman to become a state delegate, as Danica Roem (pictured above) will represent District 13. What’s even more fabulous is Roem defeated Ralph G. Marshall, who wrote a anti-trans “bathroom bill” in Virginia earlier this year that was defeated.

Man, that’s gotta burn Marshall up. I hope he’s so burned up he’s got to go throw up in a public bathroom, and a trans person is in the next stall.

— Also in Virginia, you may remember in 2015 the absolutely horrific on-camera, live murder of a local TV reporter named Alison Parker. I can stomach just about anything on the news but I have never and will never watch that, it’s just too much. Parker’s boyfriend, Chris Hurst, was also a reporter but after what happened to her, left the media and decided to start a political career, in hopes of helping change some gun laws. Well, Hurst won his first race Tuesday, elected into the Va. House of Delegates.

“I know that Alison is with us and she’s smiling,” said Andy Parker, Alison’s father. “I’m so proud of Chris and all that he’s done with this campaign.”

— Bill de Blasio was easily re-elected as mayor of New York City. I voted for de Blasio, I generally like him, and I still have hope that he’ll end up being a good mayor. So far he’s been … a so-so mayor. He fights stupid fights with the press, comes off as impossibly arrogant and wildly defensive for a man who had to know the mayor of NYC gets criticized, and he seems to think he’s bigger on the national stage than he is. All of those things can be fixed, I just don’t know if de Blasio can do it, but I hope he can because he truly has good ideas about fixing income and housing inequality here in New York City.

**Next up, today, more proof that Tom Hanks is America’s coolest guy. He was at a book festival in Texas last week promoting his new collection of writing when, all of a sudden, he told the crowd he was bored of answering questions and wanted to ask one.

It was a marriage proposal from a man named Ryan McFarling to his girlfriend Nikki Young. Because this is 2017 and everything is videotaped, we are lucky to have footage of it. Her reaction at :26 is awesome.

** Finally today, the three college kids in this story deserve the title of “too stupid to be in college.” For some idiotic reason (read: money), Georgia Tech and UCLA’s men’s basketball teams are opening their season in China this week. An incredible amount of travel and school missed to play one game. But hey, happens all the time now in college hoops.

What doesn’t happen all the time is that three UCLA players, including LiAngelo Ball (L.A. Laker Lonzo Ball’s brother) were arrested Tuesday and charged with shoplifting from a Louis Vuitton store near their Shanghai hotel.

And you know, they’re in China, so bail is not available, they take shoplifting very seriously, and these kids could face from 3-10 years in prison.

But don’t worry guys, Trump is in Asia right now. I’m sure he’ll take care of everything. Yeah, right.

I mean… really guys? Shoplifting in a Communist country? How stupid can you be?