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Good News Friday: Rae Carruth’s son turns 18, and continues to be a miracle. An amazing sunset photo made me drop my jaw. And a high school’s “anonymous pantry” takes the shame out of kids who need basics

And a Happy Friday and Happy December to all of you beautiful people out there. I’m sure you’re already sick of holiday music just like I am, so tune out “Jingle Bells” and dive into some good news, in a week which like all other ones lately, seems to desperately need some.

I’ve written before about the amazing life of Chancellor Lee Adams; Adams is the son of former NFL player Rae Carruth, who hired gunmen to kill his pregnant girlfriend in 1999. They succeeded, as Cherica Adams died, but despite massive blood loss and oxygen deprivation, Chancellor Lee survived.

And not just survived; thanks to an angel on Earth, Cherica’s Mom Saundra Adams, Chancellor has thrived and had as good a life as one could’ve ever hoped for given the circumstances.

On Nov. 16, a boy who was never supposed to live turned 18. Scott Fowler, the immensely gifted writer for the Charlotte Observer, talked to Saundra and Chancellor for this beautiful story here. 

And oh yeah, Rae Carruth gets out of prison in October, 2018. And his son plans to be there to see him.

The kicker of the story:

Says Adams: “My intention is only positive. … My intention is not that he will see Chancellor and come out with this great confession: ‘Oh, I’m so sorry I did this.’ Because I don’t expect that. I don’t expect that he will ever acknowledge his part in my daughter’s death.

“And I’m not looking for that. I don’t need that for forgiveness. I don’t need that for us to carry on our lives. I simply want him to see his son and see what a fine young man he has grown into. … And that he is not just surviving, but that he is indeed thriving.”

“Yeah!” Chancellor Lee says, looking at his grandmom. “Yeah!”

It’s an amazing, amazing story.

**Next up, this breathtaking photo of a sunset in Amalfi, Italy blew my mind this week. It was taken by Davide Anzimanni, and it’s just astonishing.

It’s always good to be reminded of how much beauty there is in the world; heaven knows we’re always reminded of the ugliness.

**And finally today, this is one of those stories about a wonderful idea that I wish wasn’t needed, but since it is, I’m glad it’s there.

The fantastic website Mental Floss.com brings us the story of a program at Washington High School in Washington, N.C. called the Anonymous Pantry. Since 2015, the school has tried to take the shame and embarrassment out of students asking for basic hygiene items like deodorant and toothpaste by creating the Anonymous Pantry.

Today, the pantry stocks food, clothing, and school supplies provided by local donors.Here’s how it works:

If students ever wish to use the closet, all they need to do is confide in a teacher, counselor, or administrator. They will then be taken by a staff member to one of the school’s pantries where they can shop in a private setting free from stigma. Because the program is anonymous, there are no flyers hung up advertising the pantry. Instead, the administration relies on word of mouth to spread the news.

Some high schools across the country have followed Washington’s lead in recent years. William Penn High School in New Castle, Delaware, and Northridge High School in Layton, Utah, are just a few of the institutions with similar programs.

Again, I wish this didn’t need to exist. But it’s so hard being a kid without some of the things other students have, and if this takes just a tiny bit of the difficulty away from that, it’s wonderful.