The “Daddy Chronicles” returns, now with 100 percent more children! Tales of baby poop, brotherly (over) love, and so much joy


And hello and Happy Friday to all of you out there. So as I may have mentioned, my life changed dramatically about six weeks ago when our second son was born, so I figured it was about time for a new “Daddy Chronicles.”

Now featuring twice the fun and hijinks! Twice the mess and twice the poop! And of course, twice the incredible luck I have, because once again it looks like we’ve made one fantastic little boy.

Seriously, Theo Henry Lewis is a really good little guy so far. Yeah I know every Dad brags, but he eats great, sleeps a ton, and cries only when hungry or wet (and quite frankly, aren’t we all always one of those two things?)

Some thoughts from my sleep-deprived brain on the first few weeks of our family as a quartet instead of a trio…

–Six weeks in, we’ve noticed quite a few differences from Lewis son 1.0 and the new model, Lewis son 2.0, with bugs removed and features added, including a highly-advanced operating system: For one thing, Theo loves taking baths. Kid just sits there and lets the water wash over him (well, sprinkle over him) and never says a peep. His brother hated them.

Also, tummy time? Theo’s a fan. He kicks and screams a little toward the end, but he can go for 8-10 minutes a a time, moving his head and seeming quite happy.

— Happy to report Theo’s a good sleeper most of the time. For the first month, though, he was really living the life of a touring rock star; his most awake and alive times were when I did the overnight bottle, around 2 a.m. He’d start breathing really heavily and his eyes darted around the room frantically. Basically, it was like living with a tiny meth addict.

Yes, I compared my kid to a meth addict. What the sleep-deprived brain will come up with, you just never know…

— When Nate was born I found myself, for the first few weeks, confused and disappointed that I didn’t feel the “instant bond” with my child. Of course my wife bonded with the boys immediately because she’d been growing them inside her body for nine months, but I worried why it didn’t happen immediately for me. Of course within a few weeks I felt the bond. With Theo, the same thing happened. For a few weeks he felt like a pooping, burping stranger crashing in our room. But now I love him to pieces and can’t stop thinking about him.

— So, of course one question everyone had after Theo was born was “How is his big brother Nate adjusting?” And the answer is, fabulously. Nate absolutely adores, worships and can’t get enough of his little brother.

Which is a little bit of a problem. We are pretty confident Theo’s first words will be “Leave me alone, Nate!” Seriously, if these two were adults Theo would totally have gotten a temporary restraining order against Nate by now. Constant hugging, constant kissing, constantly wanting to be with his brother… it’s fantastic, but a bit much.

Last week Theo was happily sleeping in a swing, minding his own business, when Nate walked over and in trying to embrace his new playmate, conked heads with Theo.

As you might expect, Theo started crying. Nate, annoyed, says to me “Why is Theo crying? I don’t like that.” I responded “He’s crying because you woke him up and conked him on the head!”

Not sure if the message took. Still, it’s great that Nate loves his bro so much.

— OK, so this has mostly been about Theo but I wanted to share two quick Nate stories. First, a few weeks ago we were at his friend Lincoln’s house, and his super-fantastic Mom Jill was making tacos for Linc and his two older sisters, Parker and MacKenzie. Now, Nate has never had tacos, never shown any interest in them, but Jill had laid out taco shells, meat, shredded cheese, etc. on their dining room table and all the other kids were digging in and building tacos, so Nate figured what the hell.

He took a few bites of his taco shell and seemed to like it, then put it down. A few minutes later I noticed he wasn’t eating, so I said “Keep eating your taco shell.”

He looked at me quite puzzlingly.

“Daddy! You called me Shell. I’m Nate.”

My wife’s name is Shelley, and of course he’s heard me call her “Shell.” I about died laughing.

— The other Nate story involves his love for Claritin. Like most toddlers who start school at 3, he’s had a succession of coughs and colds this fall and winter, so at night time we give him children’s Claritin in the grape flavor, which he adores.

He loves the medicine so much that even when he’s not sick, he about cries when we won’t give it to him.

So last week I walked in to his room and heard the following sentence from my wife: “No, you can’t have Claritin. You already had chocolate ice cream tonight!”

Not a sentence heard in most households, I’m guessing.

One response to “The “Daddy Chronicles” returns, now with 100 percent more children! Tales of baby poop, brotherly (over) love, and so much joy

  1. As always, you are so insightful about your 2 adorable boys! Theo is such a good boy! And Nate is just the cutest! It is so wonderful that he loves his new brother. Again, I say that you and Shelley have done an amazing job with instilling so much love in Nate! Keep doing exactly what you are doing—-It is certainly working.

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