Good News Friday: An ingenious idea a kid had to get a snow day called. A bipartisan love story from Connecticut is beautiful. And a Philadelphia Eagle turns the NFL’s greed into a boon for public schools.

And a Happy Friday to all of you out there, it’s the weekend before the Super Bowl (Go Eagles, more on why you should root for them later in the column) and there’s all kinds of negative stuff going on in the world, like usual (burn in hell, Larry Nassar), but I’m in a great mood because I’m going to a bris this weekend celebrating the birth of a close friend’s baby boy, and Roger Federer may win his 20th Grand Slam singles title, at the Australian Open, and because life is awesome and “This Is Us” is FINALLY going to tell us how Jack died and we can then get on with the rest of the show.

First up today, I love this story and this kid so much. So, pretend you’re a schoolkid in Hillsboro, Mo. a couple weeks ago. There’s a big snowstorm predicted in your town, and you desperately want a snow day and no school. You know there’s only one person who has the power to cancel school, and that’s Superintendent Doc Cornman.

So what do you do? Easy. You buy boxes of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and put it on his front steps. With a note reading “You know what to do.”

Cornman had a good time with the “bribe” attempt, but alas, he did not cancel school.

Hey, it was a wonderful try by a kid. I’m hoping he keeps trying, but maybe try different candy next time.

**Next up today, a love story that crossed the political aisle. Art Linares is a Republican state senator in Connecticut. Caroline Simmons is a Democrat state senator in the same state. They are both passionate, energetic people who love the political process, and a few years ago, Linares saw Simmons for the first time.

“I said to myself ‘I think I’m in love with a Democrat,” he said.

From such, a beautiful story began. This is a very cool little “Love Story” video, and it made me smile a lot.

**And finally, there are a ton of reasons to root against the Evil Empire Patriots next Sunday, but if you need one more, how about this great gesture, and a way to stick it to the NFL’s greed, by Eagles star defensive end Chris Long. Long has already been hailed as a hero by me for playing this season for free, donating each game check to charity. And now this…

So in the playoffs the Eagles have been underdogs and their players have embraced it, making dog masks and such. Long’s teammate Lane Johnson had designed a T-shirt honoring the dog mask idea and wanted to sell them to raise money for charity. Well, the NFL, never one to miss a chance to make a nickel, started selling their own dog mask T-shirts, and the money wasn’t going to charity, it was going to their wallets.

So Long called out the NFL on Twitter, asking how much of the profits of their shirts were being donated, and what do you know, all of a sudden the NFL is giving all profits from the shirts to help fund the severely-depleted Philly school system.

Way to go, Chris Long. Such an easy guy to root for.

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