Daily Archives: January 30, 2018

I didn’t watch the State of the Union, I hope you didn’t either. A weird and wonderful short NYT documentary. And so long, Chief Wahoo, and good riddance.

You would think the sheer shock of it would fade by now. But more than a year after he was sworn in, I still can’t believe Donald Trump is the actual President of these actual United States.

It’s not just the idiotic things he says, like this quote on global warming from a recent interview with Piers Morgan: “There is a cooling and there’s a heating—I mean, look, it used to not be climate change. It used to be global warming. That wasn’t working too well because it was getting too cold all over the place. The ice caps were going to melt. They were going to be gone by now, but now they’re setting records, okay? They’re at a record level. There are so many things happening. I tell you what I believe in: clear air, crystal-clear beautiful water, I just believe in having good cleanliness and all.”

Or the truly incomprehensible things he does, like ignoring the fact that Congress voted 517-5 to impose new sanctions on Russia over election meddling, and Trump deciding not to impose those sanctions. Or that he’s trying to destroy the FBI and politicize it in a way that no President ever, ever has.

It’s all of it. The totality of who he is as a human being is just still so amazing to me. That he can be allowed to lead the greatest nation on Earth… I’m still not over it.

I could’ve watched the State of the Union last night. We got the kids in bed by 9, and there was no Duke game or Rangers game or any compelling sporting event I wanted to watch.

But I couldn’t. It’s not because Trump is a Republican, because I watched plenty of George H. Bush and his son W.’s SOTU’s. It’s because this man, our current President, represents so many things I loathe: Arrogance. Racism. Contempt for those he deems beneath him. An absolute belief that he is always, 100 percent right on all things.

And I’m sorry, I just can’t watch. It’s too horrifying that it’s real. If you did watch, NYT’s Nick Kristof took the time to point out all the mistakes and lies Trump told.

**Next up, the New York Times has done some wonderful and weird stuff with their short documentaries lately. I loved this one about a son, a father he didn’t know that well, and the weird things that go on in our parents’ lives that we never knew about.

**And finally today, this news kind of got lost in the shuffle this week but I think it’s worth applauding, even if it’s long, long overdue: Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Indians announced that starting in 2019, their racist logo, Chief Wahoo, would be retired and no longer used.

Like I said, this is long, long overdue. The Indians’ logo and mascot is wildly offensive to Native Americans, and the idea that it’s been kept this long just because of “tradition” is crazy. Joe Posnanski, a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, wrote this excellent piece about having conflicted feelings about Chief Wahoo’s departure.

Wahoo’s gone, and good riddance. Next up, the Washington Redskins, I hope.