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Good News Friday: Roger Federer looks at kids’ paintings of him and it’s adorable. A science teacher in Houston becomes a comedy superstar. And a waitress shows a little compassion, and gets hugely rewarded


And a Happy Friday to you all, a glorious day indeed. Fabulous opening day of the NCAA Tournament, with Loyola-Chicago providing the biggest stunner (love their Harry Potter scarves) and a couple other games (Houston-San Diego State, Rhode Island-Oklahoma) giving us lots of thrills. And today? more of the same. My favorite two days of the sports year.

OK, on with Good News Friday. So Roger Federer, who I worship as you know, always seems to do a fun, cool thing with kids at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California. This week at the annual tournament he apparently was asked to “judge” a painting contest where all the tykes were supposed to paint portraits of Federer. Really, really sweet stuff, you can tell how much RF loves kids.

**Next up today, meet Eddie Brown, a science teacher from Houston who used to simply be a 6th-grade teacher. However now, he’s a comedy superstar (in the education circles, at least)

After cracking up his fellow teachers at the Varnet School, he posted a video last year called “What Public School Teachers Really Say” and it went viral.

Now, after making dozens of more videos, he tours the country on a “Teachers Only Comedy Tour” and draws thousands. His routines are hilarious to anyone who’s ever been any kind of teacher, and they give me hope that our criminally underpaid, underappreciated teachers can at least get some laughs from someone who knows what they’re going through.

**Finally today, a very small gesture that went a long way. A waitress named Evoni Williams works at a Waffle House in Texas, and one morning recently she saw a customer named Adrien Charpentier having trouble cutting his breakfast. Charpentier is 78, on oxygen and appeared to be in a lot of pain.

So Williams walked over and began helping him with his knife and fork, cutting his meat for him. Such a simple, kind gesture. A fellow customer named Laura Wolf saw Williams doing this and took a picture, then posting it on social media saying that she was “thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative.”

And that’s where this story could’ve stopped, a nice person doing something nice.

But after the Facebook photo went viral, the local mayor of her town, Lamar, Tex. dedicated March 8, 2018, in her honor.

“This is probably more of a lifestyle of Evoni,” Mayor Bobby Hocking said. “Because she does this from her heart. It just so happens somebody got a picture of this one time of many.”

And then something even more incredible happened: Texas Southern University offered her a $16,000 scholarship along with the aid of a counselor to help her enroll at the university. (She had been saving up for college).

Just a small gesture being rewarded by a larger one. So many good people in the world.