Daily Archives: March 21, 2018

A terrorist is mailing bombs to African-Americans in Austin, anyone hear about it? One of my all-time favorite Florida crime stories. And the longest badminton rally you’ll ever see.

I always reject the premise when people over the years have told me the news media is biased. That they only cover certain stories that highlight certain people or groups, while ignoring others.

I have always said that wasn’t true; that we journalists will cover anything that’s interesting, or with TV news, visually compelling.

Still, I am starting to wonder exactly why these Austin, Texas bombings aren’t getting more attention from the press. If you haven’t been following the story, there have four bomb explosions over the past few weeks, as a suspect has mailed explosive devices that killed or wounded four people.

I mean, I know why the bombings are getting zero attention from the White House; it’s because the suspect isn’t known to be a Muslim and that’s the only kind of terrorism that this President and his government actually acknowledge.

The fact that the bombs have all been mailed, and injured, African-Americans and Latinos so far make it far less serious in the minds of this racist President than if, God forbid, actual white people were hurt by a person with a foreign-sounding name.
But this is a very serious crime, most likely racial in nature, and you’re hearing very little about it, unless you go search for it.

It’s very frightening that this is happening, no one really knows why, and when it will end.

Would be nice if we heard about it a little bit more.

(Update: Since I finished writing this but before I published, it appears the bomber has been caught and cornered by law enforcement, then blew himself up with a bomb in his car)

**And now, an interlude of badminton. A 102-shot rally occurred at the All England Open in Birmingham, England over the weekend starring doubles teams from Japan (Yuki Fukushima and Syaka Hirota, in the gray shirts), and Denmark’s​ Christinna Pedersen and Kamilla Rytter Juhl (in blue).

So many amazing saves here, my favorite shots were at 38 and 95. What incredible concentration.

I don’t mean the players, I mean me staying focused on the birdie for this whole point.

** And finally today, it’s been a while since I’ve featured a truly bizarre news story from the state I used to call home. Florida, oh Florida, how I miss you so when I read a headline like this:
Golf Cart-Driving Florida Man Tries to Blow Up Neighbor’s Chickens With Home-Made Whiskey Bomb During Dispute Over BB Gun.”

Yeah, like you’re NOT going to click on that story with a headline like that.
It seems a 55-year-old man named Scott Frederick Wegener, of Fort Pierce, crafted a bomb inside a whiskey bottle, then blew it up in his neighbor’s yard after a dispute over the theft of a BB gun.

Wegener, nicknamed “Spider” (well sure) actually offered to pay a friend to crawl under the man’s home to plant an IED.

According to a witness, “Wegener pulled up to (the) house on the golf cart. They began to hang out. Wegener said he was going to kill the chickens in (the) yard. Wegener went to his golf cart and retrieved a Canadian Mist bottle filled with black powder, sand and a green fuse,” according to the affidavit.

Investigators said Wegener lit the fuse and threw the IED into the backyard, where it exploded.

So, so many questions here. Number 1: What did the chickens ever do to Wegener? They couldn’t have stolen his BB gun, chickens certainly prefer more complicated weapons, in my experience.
Question 2: Why use Whiskey bottles, when we all know using Jim Beam rum bottles to blow up your neighbor’s backyard is much more effective.
Question 3: Do you think a golf cart is really a good getaway car? I mean those things only go like 15 miles per hour, right? Maybe ole’ Mr. Wegener should’ve gotten a real car if he wanted to, you know, escape.

Ah, Florida. I love you so.