Yet another absolutely disgusting example of racial profiling, this time against Native Americans on a college campus. “SNL” cold open this week was star-studded and stellar. And LeBron James, just doing what he does, amazingly.

It just seems to be getting worse and worse.
The hatred, the polarization of politics, that’s always been there. People who think it’s terrible today are right, but don’t forget two huge figures from the 1800s had a duel because they were so mad at each other (Hey, that reminds me, that Alexander Hamilton guy had a pretty interesting life. Someone should do a play or a musical or something about him.)

No what I’m talking about today is the fear, the complete, abject fear, and instant judgement so many people seem to have about those who don’t look like them. Look, of course I’d be insane to argue racism is worse now than it ever was, of course it’s not. Things have been way, way worse in the past for non-whites, and I get that.

But it just seems like every week, every freaking week, we see stories like this, and I feel like it’s so important to constantly remind yourself, this is not OK.

What got me off on this rant? This story from the campus of Colorado State University, where last week two Native American men on a tour of the school were pulled off the tour by campus police when a “nervous” mom called to say they unsettled her.

From this Denver Post story: ” Police questioned the men and allowed them to rejoin the tour, but by the time they were released, the group had moved on without them. The men then returned to CSU’s Ammons Hall before leaving campus and going home to New Mexico.

The incident on Monday has prompted a review by the university. CSU officials say campus police responded appropriately to the concerns of the parent, but they also reached out to the two men who only wanted to visit the campus to see if they wanted to enroll at CSU.”

Let’s just get this clear: These men did NOTHING wrong. They weren’t aggressive or loud or obnoxious or threaten this woman in any way. But they were on a tour of the university with her, they didn’t look like her, and so she called the police.

Happens over, and over again. Just despicable. At least Colorado State is trying to make it right, a little bit, by these two men: The school has invited the two men back to campus for a tour, and will pay for their travel from New Mexico to Colorado. This updated AP story has more details, with the woman who called the police unsettled because the teens joined the tour late and weren’t talking much.

Thomas Kanewakeron Gray, 19, and Lloyd Skanahwati Gray, 17, were simply profiled because in this country today, it’s quite OK and perfectly understandable to treat people who are not white like this, in the eyes of so many.

“I think it’s pretty discriminatory,” Thomas Kanewakeron Gray said Thursday. “Me and my brother just stayed to ourselves the whole time. I guess that was scaring people; that we were just quiet.”

Can’t ever “normalize” this stuff.

**Next up today, “Saturday Night Live” had an embarrassment of riches when it came to guest stars this past weekend. To be fair, there’s so much that happens in Trump-land every week, you need a ton of talented people to convey it all.
But check out this lineup: ScarJo, Ben Stiller, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon all in this fantastic opening to the show. And Kate McKinnon as Rudy Giuliani is just sensational.

**Sometimes it feels superfluous to praise LeBron James yet again. It’s like praising the sun for coming up every day, or giving props to the driver who stops at the traffic light. It’s like, of COURSE LeBron James is awesome, do we really need to say it again?

But yeah, we do. Because what he’s doing so far in these NBA playoffs… I mean, it’s just ridiculous. Playing with probably his weakest supporting cast since, what, 2007 maybe, the kid from Akron has Cleveland one win away from the Eastern Conference finals. He hit the game-winning shot over the Raptors (who everyone thought was the East’s best team) Saturday night and not even for a second did I think the shot would miss. Who cares that it was off-balance, with his right hand, falling away? I was 100 percent sure it was going on.

Couple more things I was thinking about Saturday night, as I texted my boy Tony Jones about our mutual man-crush, Mr. James…

— He came into the league in 2003, and has been playing heavy minutes ever since. It’s now 2018. 2018! Dude has been playing this well for 15 years!

— He has played every second of every game under the biggest microscope possible, and with the exception of that massive ego trip he took that started with “The Decision” in 2011 and lasted a year, he’s comported himself so well on and off the court.

They say we don’t appreciate greatness while it’s right in front of us, that only after it’s gone

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